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Friday, 16 January 2015

San Francisco 49ers: 2014 Final Report Card

Looking at The 49ers stats over the past four years, finishing at 8-8 deserves a C. In 2011, when Kaepernick joined the team, Niners were 13-3, and then went on to win their division. In 2012 they went 11-4, in 2013 they went 12-3, went to the conference championship again, but lost to the Seahawks. If we call 2011 an A for the 49ers in the Kaepernick era, going 8-8 deserves a C.

As we look at the numbers for this season, we'll grade 4 key people from the 49ers to see how the team earns a C; Colin Kaepernick, Phil Dawson, Justin Smith, and Vernon Davis. Now let's start with Kaepernick's numbers.

1. Colin Kaepernick B


In 2013, Kaepernick threw for 21 TDs and rushed for 4, his record playing with the 49ers. Also in 2013, he had a record low of only 6 fumbles, and then in 2012, he had a record low of only 3 interceptions. Now let's compare those numbers to this season. This season Kaepernick has 19 TDs passing, 1 TD rushing, 8 fumbles, and 10 interceptions. Certainly Kaepernick was not at his best, but he wasn't at his worst either, thus earning him a B average.

2. Phil Dawson B

The All Pro Kicker, Phil Dawson is an intricle part of The 49ers team. When he does well, The 49ers do well. In 2013 Dawson had his best year as a 49er, attempting 36 feild goals, and making 32 for an 88% feild goal rating. In 2014 he attempted 31 and made 25, dropping him to an 80% rating, thus earning Phil the B grade as well. 

3. Justin Smith C-

It's guys like Justin Smith who help pave the way for Kaepernick and Dawson to get The 49ers points, let's see how he fared this year. In 2012, Smith had 47 tackles, and 19 assisted, and in 2011 he had 7.5 sacks. Comparing that to this year, Smith only had 28 tackles, with 15 assisted and 5 sacks. Though he had dealt with injury this year, this was certainly not Smith at his best considering his career high was 57 tackles, 31 assisted, and 8.5 sacks. This earns Justin a C-.

4. Vernon Davis C-

The last key player we'll look at is Vernon Davis. In 2013. Davis had a great year with 850 yards receiving, 13 touchdowns, and averaged 56.7 yards per game. Now let's look at this year. Davis had only 245 yards receiving, 2 touchdowns and averaged only 17.5 yards per game. Davis is certainly capable of much more, thus earning him a C-.

Overall with Kaepernick and Dawson not at their best, and Smith and Davis really not at their best, The 49ers earn a C for this season. With changes in the coaching staff, and great up and comers like Carlos Hyde, Bruce Ellington and Chris Borland showing lots of potential, we'll all hope for a better grade next year.


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