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Friday, 23 January 2015

NFL Free Agency 2015: Top 5 Landing Sports for Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant will be a free agent.  He also has signed with Jay-Z's Rock Nation Sports for representation. Bryant wants to be an "icon".  Bryant has some off and on field issues.  And he is one of the top wide receivers in the league.  

Can he be a popular culture icon in addition to being the best wide receiver in the league?

Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones has stated he thinks it is unreasonable to keep both of his quality offensive free agents, Bryant and DeMarco Murray.  This makes 31 other teams very happy.  But what team will make Bryant the happiest?

Let's forget a moment the possiblity of Bryant being slapped with the franchise tag and say some team is going to "pay that man"! 

And let's forget those pesky salary caps.  Theoretically speaking, WHO WANTS HIM?

Who will it be?

5. New York Jets

This speaks more to his desire to be an "icon" than reaping benefits on the football field.  A new coach is in place.  The hiring of Chan Gailey as the offensive coordinator does not bode well for wide receivers in this offense.  There is also the problem of not having a reliable quarterback. 

There is no argument that Bryant in New York would be the marquee player for the Jets.  But being the best offensive player on a team with no offense, doesn't seem to suit the personality of Bryant.  Could he learn?

So does Bryant want to be an icon more than a football player?   

4. Chicago Bears

This would be one loaded offense, even with Jay Cutler as the quarterback.  But could Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery co-exist with Bryant?  Not likely.  Not enough to go around.  But it is a major market.  And with the new acquisiton of Adam Gase as the offensive coordinator, magic can happen. 

3. San Francisco 49ers

It is time to concentrate on the offense.  Bryant would be the main man.  He would also be in a major market.  This option would enhance both quarterback and wide receiver.

While the 49ers have hired a new coach, they have yet to acquire an offensive coordinator. 

With Colin Kaepernick at the helm there is always opportunity, depending on the offensive coordinator.  Think about it, a reliable run game.  A quarterback with a rocket arm who is also a threat to run.  A major market to become an icon. 

2. Atlanta Falcons

Again the rich will be getting richer, but imagine an offense that can line up three wide with Roddy White, Julio Jones and Bryant?  By all accounts they Falcons are waiting for Dan Quinn, to name as head coach.  They have already hired Kyle Shanahan as their offensive coordinator.  Shanahan will know what to do with all that talent. 

Shanahan already has experience with "difficult" players.  Pacifying Bryant will be child's play.  But is the market big enough?  Can he succeed in the house that Prime Built? 

1. Dallas Cowboys

Seriously, is there any better place for him?  Even with the slight emergence of Terrence Williams, and the vaulted status of BFF Jason Witten, Bryant is the man. 

Jones will always make his team in the forefront.  Michael Irvin will always make sure Bryant's name is on the forefront of NFL Network. 

The window for the Cowboys to make the Super Bowl is still open.  It is a chance to be football relevant and pop culture relevant. 

And then there is the fact that after coming so close to the ultimate prize, Jones is going to give up this major weapon.  Look for him to franchise one and pay the other.  The question remains, who is going to play bitter in 2015?

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