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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Super Bowl 2015: 10 Prop Bets Worth Making

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, and among everything else that comes with it, so do literally hundreds of prop bets for you to spend (read: blow) your hard-earned money on.

But some prop bets are created better than others, and these are the ten that I have chosen as the biggest can't miss prop bets of this year's game.

And yes...we do have a heavy emphasis on Katy Perry-related material here.

And as always, these are for entertainment purposes only.

Let's go:

Odds the winner of the game returns to the Super Bowl next year: 5/1

An interesting bet to be on the board here, and I believe that in today's NFL, these are the two teams most likely to be in the thick of things for a Super Bowl every year.

But this is all about the numbers.

The Seahawks have already bucked this sort of thing just to get back to the game this year, becoming the first team in ten years to make back-to-back appearances.

Asking them to do it again, which would make them the first team to go to three straight Super Bowls since the Bills lost four straight in the early nineties doesn't seem like a very strong play here.

The Patriots have been to the AFC title game four straight seasons now, but have only gone to the Super Bowl in two of those years, so I wouldn't necessarily like their chances, either.

The safe bet: The odds don't favor the team that wins here, so I'd say bet that it doesn't happen

Odds on the Super Bowl going to overtime: 8/1

Always an interesting bet to make come Super Sunday, but we're batting .000 here as far as any prior Super Bowl OT's go.

These two teams appear to be so evenly matched that an overtime here might be something worth taking a flyer on, but remember one thing: the Seahawks needed an overtime to win the NFC title game, and it doesn't seem likely to me that they would need another one to win their second consecutive title.

At the end of the day, since we're 48 up and 48 down as far as not having an OT in the Big Game, I'd say the safest bet here is literally the safest bet.

The safe bet: Again, I'd say bet against this. 48 years of history can't be wrong.

Odds on the length of the National Anthem: O/U 122.5 seconds.

An oldie but a goodie is the bet where you guess how long the National Anthem will take to be sung.

This year, Idina Menzel of "Frozen" fame will be doing the honors, so I wouldn't expect a long, drawn-out anthem, since we're not going to be dealing with operatic stylings this time around.  

That being said, a quick Google search shows some Broadway work in her background, so I am inclined to bet the over here, or at least I would be if I were a betting man.

Which I'm not, and nor do I condone it.

Little known piece to this puzzle is whether or not there will be musical accompaniment, and whether that would slow down or speed up the cadence.

The safe bet: Bet the under. At the end of the day, 2 minutes and 5 seconds seems like a lot of work for a song we all already know the words to.

Odds on whether the aforementioned Idina Menzel forgets the words to the song: 50/1

I believe it was last year, when I was doing this very same article, that I dubbed this the "Christina Aguilera" bet in "honor" of Xtina flubbing the words to the anthem four years ago.

So it seems fitting that I would take another run at this year.

But I also don't see another repeat of four years ago, either.

Menzel, as previously stated above, has some Broadway background in her career, and I think the only crowd that would be rougher on you for a screw-up than that of a Super Bowl audience would be those partaking in a show on the Great White Way.

The safe bet: Don't bet on anyone messing up the words again any time soon.

Odds the power goes out in the stadium: 44/1

I call this one the "Cajun Sensation," since it's only been on the board the last two years after the Superdome lost power during the game two years ago.

I doubt that Katy Perry will use as much power as Beyonce did during her halftime show, and we all know that University of Phoenix Stadium is one of the most modern stadiums in the league, so I really have nothing much to add to this one.

Unless of course, the NFL really IS about conspiracy theories, but I'd rather not go there.

Though I'm sure we all know what Terrell Suggs thinks.

The safe bet: Bet on the lights staying on, unless Beyonce shows up at the last minute.

Odds on a Katy Perry wardrobe malfunction: 22/1

I know what all of you are thinking, but I promise you that I will be a mature adult during the breakdown of this bet.

For all of about 10 seconds.

I, like a lot of the men out there, and probably some of the ladies, too, am HOPING for this, for purely selfish reasons.

But will it happen? I doubt it, given Katy's Christian background and all.

Hey...stop laughing. I can hear you.

But (butt?) seriously, with a seven-second delay, I'm not sure we would actually see anything from our couches at home even if it did happen.

The safe bet: Katy keeps her clothes on and has no accidents, sadly.

What color will Katy's hair be?

Brunette: 1/2

Purple/Blue: 5/1

Redhead: 10/1

Blonde: 12/1

And now we have the multiple choice part of our betting sheet, where we bet on what color hair Katy will have for her show.

Being that she's a natural brunette, it should come as no big surprise that that it is the betting favorite, but a little birdie told me that she has recently been spotted with purple or blue hair on many recent occasions.

I'm putting long odds on redhead or blonde, although I could see her pulling off a surprise or two during the show.

I will predict (and this is just me being selfish), that she will look hot whatever hair color she rocks, as the kids say.

The safe bet: The betting lines say go brunette, but I'll say go with purple/blue, since the Seahawks and Patriots do both have blue in their color schemes.

O/U on the number of times "deflategate" is mentioned on the broadcast: 2.5

As much as I wanted to avoid this topic, it is the 800-pound elephant in the room, and while you can also bet on the number of "greatest of all time" mentions in reference to Tom Brady, and the number of "Spygate" references (which is set at a higher amount than "deflategate", I will choose to focus on this one for obvious reasons.

Now that that's out of the way...I think everyone of you reading this right now probably thinks that taking the over is the smart play here, and I would be inclined to believe it were the game to be out of hand.

But, as you'll see when my article previewing the game goes up, I don't expect this to be a blowout, so I think all mentions of any of those three topics, this one included, would be very minimal.

Plus, I think we're all just tired of "deflategate" by now, and I would hope Al and Chris agree with us.

The safe bet: I would take the under, unless either team wins the game in rout.

Odds on what company will have a commercial air first during the game:

Anheuser-Busch: 4/1

Doritos: 5/1

BMW: 6/1

Coke: 6/1

GoDaddy: 8/1

Lexus: 8/1

Chevy: 10/1

American Express: 20/1

McDonalds: 33/1

There are a lot of choices here, and I'm willing to tell you who to go with, but I think we are missing some pertinent information here.

Do we consider the pregame show as part of the game?

Because lately, it seems like a lot of Super Bowl ads have aired during the pregame show before airing during the game.

I'm probably overthinking this (I am good at that, you know), but I think it's a fairly easy choice to make here, anyway.

Anheuser-Busch is a beer company, after all, and, along with pizza and chicken wings, beer is probably one of the top things consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

Plus, I really want to see that ADORABLE puppy get rescued by the Clydesdales.

Hey...where are you going with my man card? 

The safe bet: Anheuser-Busch, cause beer.

Odds on what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach:

Clear/water: 3/1

Red: 3/1

Orange: 3/1

Green: 5/1

Purple: 8/1

Blue: 8/1

The tri-favorites here are clear/water, red and orange, and while I agree with the last two, I can't honestly tell you whether I've ever seen clear Gatorade dumped on someone's head.

Green is also a color I don't remember ever being used, but don't count out blue here, once again due to both teams having that color in their color scheme.

I think the real question here though is whether Belichick would even let someone dump Gatorade on him.

And if they do, will they live to tell about it?

The safe bet: I'd like to vote blue, just to be creative, but red or orange has to be the play here.

And, as I always say, or at least like I said last year, if you win something off these, please share. But if you lose money, well, you were warned.







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