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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Super Bowl 2015: 5 Reasons the Seattle Seahawks Will Prevail

There is only one more day left.  The Super Bowl is about to be played where it counts.  No more soundbites from media day.  Really, they will only be there to get paid.

No more retreaded storylines.  Seriously all balls will be full and loaded. 

Now it is all about the play. 

And here are five reasons why the Seattle Seahawks prevail:

5. Mother Nature

The Seahawks are good.  But their fans are great.  The 12th man is for real.  So why Mother Nature?  The Seahawks fans are looking for good weather to get them down to Arizona.  The New England Patriots' fans will have a little bit rougher time making it to Arizona.  There is the distance.  And there is that blizzard. 

If the 12th man overtake the Stadium, decided advantage Seahawks.

4. Patriots Running Back

Did you know that LeGarrette Blount is the leading rusher for the Patriots?  Yep, the very same Blount who very recently was sporting the black and gold of the Pittsburgh Steelers, languishing behind LeVeon Bell. 

The Patriots as a team rank 18th in the league averaging 107.9 yards per game.  Blount is averaging 4.1 rushing yards per game. 

After that there is Shane Vereen who hasn't touched the ball more than seven times since Week 12.  And Jonas Gray who had one really good game, and then disappeared. 

The Seahawks rush defense has allowed an average of 81.5 yards per game.  That is good enough for third in the league. 

The Legion of Boom is legendary.  If you are going to stay away from them you are going to need an effective run game.  The Patriots' running backs  are in for a very long day.

3. Kam Chancellor

Chancellor will most likely be seeing lots of super tight-end Rob Gronkowski.  Strong safety Chancellor is 6-3" and 232 pounds.  And he is fast.  And he hits hard, very hard.  Ask Demaryius Thomas or Mike Tolbert.

Gronkowski is 6-6" and 265 pounds.  He is a freak of nature. 

It is unlikely that Chancellor will intimidate Gronkowski as he did with his first hit in last year's Super Bowl.  But he doesn't need to intimidate to stop. 

This will be an epic battle.  Gronkowski is formidable against most defenses.  Trouble is this isn't most defenses. Chancellor isn't your average strong safety. 

Advantage Chancellor.

2. Russell Wilson

As far as quarterback battle goes, advantage Tom Brady.  But the quarterbacks are not playing each other.  And after watching the theatrics of Wilson two weeks ago, it is hard to go against him. 

For three quarters, at home, Wilson had an epically bad day. Wilson was 14-of-29.  He had four interceptions.  He was sacked five times. 

Yet he had his team hang in there until the end.  And when it counted he stood tall and won. 

Wilson can run.  He can pass.  And he can forget.  All that adds up to advantage Wilson over Patriots defense.

1. Marshawn Lynch

There is a reason he is called Beast Mode.  Spoiler isn't because they way he responds to the media.

Now Lynch will be asked to go up against the 9th ranked rushing defense.  Lynch is averaging 5.5 yards a rush. 

Can the Seahawks offensive line bottle up big man Vince Wilfork, allowing Lynch to break free?

The entire Seahawks' team feeds off of Lynch's runs.  He will get his.  And that spells trouble for the Patriots. 


Seahawks 23-Patriots 17


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