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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Top 5 Reasons To Watch The 2015 NFL Pro Bowl

Okay we all know the NFL Pro Bowl is a popularity contest that seldom depends on how well a player played.  It's okay.  We can work with that.

Wait, what?  It is no longer in Hawaii?  That too is okay.  We can work around that change of venue. 

Okay, sure it is a popularity contest. 

But there are players that you just don't get a chance to have on your fantasy radar that will be participating.  Players that for reasons that may be more aesthetic should be on your radar.  Yes, they have talent.  But talent is measured in many ways.

Here are five men that are the reasons you won't care the Pro Bowl is not in Hawaii and is not the Super Bowl. 

These guys are worth watching.


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