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Friday, 27 February 2015

3 Former College Football Stars We Would Love to See Play Again

Throughout the years we have witnessed some amazing athletes that made us hold our breath and realize what a wonderful sport college football really is. There have been heroes, villains and everything in between when it comes to college football. We have had our remarkable personalities like Johnny Manziel, Cam Newton and Tim Tebow, who we either loved or hated.

This got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be great to take a trip back in time to watch some of the most outstanding and amazing college football players in the past just one more time?

We will take a look at three of the greatest to ever play the sport of college football and three who we would love to take a trip back in time to watch take the college gridiron just one more time.

We will start with former Texas Longhorns’ quarterback Colt McCoy. McCoy’s final season at the University of Texas was in 2009 and at the time he left college football, he was the all-time leader in wins as a starting quarterback with 45 wins.

McCoy not only set numerous of records at the University of Texas, but also set the record for best completion percentage for an entire season. In 2008, McCoy completed 76.7% percent of his passes, which is the best ever in the history of the game dating back to 1869.

I feel we would all love to see this extremely accurate, humble and great leader take the field just one more time. The Longhorns haven’t been the same since he left in 2009 and they are still having a hangover from his departure. The quarterback position has been basically a vacant position for Texas since McCoy graduated and it has the Texas faithful wondering could there ever be another Colt McCoy.

Next on our list is former Florida Gators’ quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow is a two time national title winning quarterback, 2007 Heisman Trophy winner and by all accounts, even a better person off the field.

Tebow was highly thought of ever since his high school days where he was one of the nation’s top recruits. He chose the Gators over a handful of teams, including the Florida State Seminoles. His choice would be a life changer for not only him, but the University of Florida. Tebow is now a walking legend on the campus of Florida and for good reason.

He was the backup quarterback in 2006 to Chris Leak when Florida defeated Ohio State 41-14 in the 2006 national title game. He showed a potential full of greatness in his short playing time in 2006 and the next season it was unveiled right before our eyes.

Tebow won the 2007 Heisman Trophy while accumulating some of the greatest individual numbers the sport has ever seen for a single season. His season was, and always will be, one of the greatest single seasons by an individual in the history of college football.

He led the Gators to the 2008 national title in a 24-14 victory over Oklahoma. His passionate halftime speech is still a YouTube sensation, which helped rally the Gators to a strong second half and eventually claiming the Gators their third national title in their football’s rich history.

We would all love to see Tebow take the field just one more time because of his passion, fight, fire, desire and outright refusal to lose at times. It feels like just yesterday he was leading the Gators, but it has been 2009 since Tebow last stepped foot on the field as the Gators’ starting quarterback.

Last, but not least the final standout college player we would love to see is former Texas Longhorns legendary quarterback Vince Young. Young was like a walking immortal at the quarterback position for the Longhorns.

His smooth, confident attitude helped lead Texas to the 2005 national title in what some call the greatest college football game ever played. Young and the Longhorns defeated the USC Trojans 41-38 on January 4, 2006 in a game for the ages.

Young led Texas on a final drive that accounted for 56 yards, including scoring the winning touchdown with 19 seconds remaining. His rush to the right corner of the end zone on a 4th and 5 from the eight yard is a play that will live in eternity for all Longhorn fans everywhere.

Young won 30 career games at Texas, while only losing two games. He was the 2005 Heisman Trophy runner-up, but by all accounts was the best player in all of college football during the 2005 season. His remarkable 2005 national title game performance in the Rose Bowl, in which he accounted for 467 total yards, makes him an instant legend alone.

Vince Young, nicknamed VY, was one of a kind and someone we would love to see take the field just one more time. His superman like performances and clutch game winning drives and playmaking ability made him one of the most exciting players to ever step foot on a college football field.

These are three legends that we would love to see on the field just one more day. Their careers were unlike non other in the history of the sport and three former college football players that will never be replaced. College football is a sport where passion and tradition is stronger than most in American sports and these three were a prime example of just why this game is the greatest in the world.


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