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Friday, 27 February 2015

2015 NFL Draft: 10 Late Round Sleepers to watch

Every year there are players that make it in the NFL who weren’t highly touted coming out of college. The NFL teams who can evaluate talent and find starters in the mid and late rounds are the teams that win in this league. A team's success is often defined by the starters they find in the late rounds.  Tom Brady was picked in the 6th round, Tony Romo wasn't drafted, Jamaal Charles was taken behind 5 other RBs,  and Arian Foster went undrafted in 2009.  While it's important to not miss on first round draft picks it's equally important to find some starters and quality depth in the later rounds.

This year's draft is deep at several positions including RB, LB, and WR which will see some talent slide into later rounds. Having watched the entire weekend of NFL Combine drills it's now time to see how the numbers stack up to tape of many players.  Let’s take a look at some of the players I’ve spot-lighted that could be steals this year based on where they may be drafted versus their production ability. I’ll admit up front I’m a bit heavy on players coming from Texas  schools but they are also players I’ve watched in person and had the opportunity to evaluate first hand.

Players to watch include:  QB Bryce Petty, RB Malcolm Brown, RB Ameer Abdullah, OL Ali Marpet, LB Bryce Hager, LB Jeff Luc, CB Craig Mager, WR Jaxon Shipley, WR Tre McBride, and RB Gus Johnson.

Click on the slideshow to learn about each player.


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