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Friday, 27 February 2015

5 Trading Partners With The Tennessee Titans

Decisions, decisions. What will the Tennessee Titans do? Now that both Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston have shown what they can do with a football, and proved to the football world they are both worthy of being a top-five selection in April’s NFL Draft, what will Tennessee do once Tampa Bay has taken the first player off the board?

If the Titans stay put in the second spot in the Draft, they could take the remaining quarterback on the board (most likely Mariota), or give the reins to Zach Mettenberger and see what the second-year plyer can do in a full season behind center.

They could take someone like Randy Gregory or Dante Fowler, Jr. as the pass rusher they need on the defensive front. Or, they could snag Leonard Williams, the defensive lineman who can play inside or from the end position, thus crushing the Jacksonville Jaguars’ hopes of landing the very big man from USC.

Or, and this might be the best choice for a team with more holes than Swiss cheese, the team could trade the pick, grabbing more picks on Draft day and in the future. Should the Titans trade out of the second pick, here are five teams that could make a pitch to move up and offer a king’s ransom.


The Jaguars may want to move one spot to grab Leonard Williams. There has been much talk over the past week the Titans may forego grabbing a passer, which makes the pick of Williams a very likely scenario.

Offering a third round pick to move down one spot in the Draft is a steal for the Titans and allows the Jaguars to grab the player they desire. This scenario also means the Titans will not be done dealing in the first round.


The Eagles head coach recruited Marcus Mariota and would love to have him run the Eagles’ offense. There is a school of thought that although Mariota was solid in his Combine workout, he would still be a good fit for a very few teams, Philadelphia being one of them.

The other issue is that Philadelphia narrowly missed the playoffs, meaning they have the 20th pick in the Draft. Jumping 17 spots would mean the Eagles management would need to come up with a Washington Redskin’s type of ransom to get their man. Is this team willing to gamble like that?


It’s a bit scary to see the Browns jump back into the search for a rookie quarterback. The crisis could be averted if the team re-signs Brian Hoyer or makes a trade for a veteran passer.

The Browns have been said to potentially be interested in St. Louis Rams passer Sam Bradford, who is a huge risk/reward passer. It may cost them a second or third round pick. If that does not happen, look for the Browns to offer their 12th and 19th picks to move up to get a quarterback.


This only works if Jameis Winston is not the first overall pick.

Jerry Jones spent the offseason telling everyone how he wanted Johnny Manziel and was talked out of taking him. Zach Martin had an outstanding rookie season for the Cowboys. Manziel, well we know what happened.

Look for Dallas to test the waters and by doing so, may shake the Draft up and the organization. It is a move for the future, but it also is a move that could destroy team unity.


What are the Bears going to do with Jay Cutler? They could keep the controversial passer and allow Adam Gase to work his magic with the Bears offense. They could release him and sign Josh McCown again to replace him. They could sign another free agent passer like Mark Sanchez.

They could also try to move up from the 8th pick in the Draft to the second slot to draft Mariota or Winston, whoever falls to the second spot. I see the Bears signing a free agent before moving up. But eh Bears need a spark, and trading up could do just that.


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