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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Predicting the Seahawks Final Team, Player Stats & Score in SB 49

Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday in the world of sports. It is a day where football and non-football fans alike put aside all other chores and sit back to enjoy one of the only things that can bring Americans together at once.

This year we have two powerhouses in the sport of the NFL facing off for the right to be called Super Bowl 49 champions. The New England Patriots battle the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks in what is expected to be a classic Super Bowl.

This matchup has just about everything a fan could ask for. We have the Patriots, the league’s most dominant team the past decade plus, facing off against one of the greatest defenses in the history of the sport. We also have Brady going for Super Bowl number four and on the other side Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson could win his second Super Bowl before even hitting the prime of his career.

The Seahawks seem to be the sneaky favorites to win this game based on feelings of people I have associated with throughout the country leading up to this game. I personally feel the Seahawks have the advantage in this Super Bowl, despite not having them as clear cut favorites to win on Sunday.

I have decided to take the challenge of predicting the Seahawks final team stats on Sunday. I will predict how I see Seattle performing on offense and also on the defensive side of the ball. I have done this to give the fan an idea of how I see this Super Bowl 49 playing out and what to expect throughout the entire 60 minutes.

So, here we go with the Super Bowl 49 predictions in our own unique way.

Seattle Seahawks’ offensive stats

Russell Wilson- 17 for 33 passing for 179 passing yards with one touchdown and one interception.

Marshawn Lynch- 25 rushes for 111 rushing yards with 2 touchdowns.

Doug Baldwin- 5 catches for 47 receiving yards and one touchdown.

I feel the Seahawks’ offense will have their struggles against an underrated Patriots’ defense on Sunday. I believe the struggles Seattle experienced against Green Bay in the NFC title game will carry over to Super Bowl 49. This isn’t the same offense this year for Seattle and most of their 43 total points in last year's Super Bowl against Denver were created by their defense, not their offense.

Now it’s time for the defensive stats projections in Super Bowl 49 for Seattle. This is the strength of the Seahawks, but how will they perform against one of the greatest playoff quarterbacks, Tom Brady, in NFL history?

Seattle Seahawks’ defensive team stats

Seahawks total team tackles 34

Seahawks total team sacks four

Seahawks total team tackles for loss three

Seahawks one interception

Seahawks total points allowed, 30

So, I have the Seahawks’ defense having some struggles against this New England offense. I believe they will have their moments of greatness like they always do, but the experience and accuracy of Brady guiding this offense will be something the Seahawks don’t see every day.

I believe the Patriots come out on top in Super Bowl 49 by a final score of 30-21. Brady wins ring number four and denies the Seahawks a chance at back to back Super Bowl champions. Super Bowl Sunday could be a historic day for Seattle if they are able to capture back to back Super Bowls, but the Patriots also have their own fare share of history on the line.

It is expected to be a great Super Bowl by most accounts, but after last year’s disappointment we truly never know how it will play out. Here is to a great Super Bowl 49 and hope your Super Bowl viewing is a great one. The Super Bowl is a time of happiness, excitement and joy, so sit back and live in the moment just as the Patriots and Seahawks will do for three great hours.


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