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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Seattle Seahawks: 5 Potential Surprise Heroes

The New England Patriots have been dealing with “Deflategate” since the end of the AFC Title game two weeks ago. The Seattle Seahawks could be dealing with another issue more serious than a few deflated footballs. Richard Sherman, the outspoken, intense and always controversial defensive back not only is waiting on the birth of his child, but is also dealing with an elbow injury that may not allow him to play at his best on Sunday.

Sherman vows to play and not allow the injury to be a hamper to him or his defensive teammates.

According to, Sherman was injured in the middle of the Seahawks' comeback victory over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game at CenturyLink Field in Seattle nearly two weeks ago. He was a little bit surprised the Packers did not test him more after the elbow injury, as he could barely move his left arm and held it tight to his chest in-between plays.

"I thought they would at least try one, and they did," Sherman said. "The pass to Jordy (Nelson), it did not feel great at all. It wasn't a fun down for me, but I got him down and we were off the field, they kicked the field goal and we didn't have to go back on the field, so that was a good moment for us.

As the Seahawks go through their on-field preparations for Sunday's game, Sherman will continue practicing in a brace to protect the elbow.

The Seahawks are counting on Sherman, a tough Seahawks defense and the offensive weapons in Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

This is a Super Bowl that is as evenly matched as any ever played. While the Patriots defense, which may be the most underrated unit in this game, concentrates on shutting down the Seahawks weapons, other players will need to step up. Here is a look at five players who could be real stars in the big game.


Beast Mode will be full in effect when Marshawn Lynch gets on the field. But if the Patriots are set through the middle of the defensive line, look for Darrell Bevell to mix things up things up. Turbin is a solid runner and does a good job of relieving Lynch when he needs a break. The Seahawks have two runners who can take it to the house.


The third receiver in the offense could have the biggest impact on the passing game. Look for Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse to be locked up all night by Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner. If Norwood is open across the middle, it may force the Patriots defense to change game plans.


Sherman and Kam Chancellor are not the only members of the Seahawks dominant secondary. Look for teams to throw away from the two Pro Bowlers, which could open the door for players like Maxwell to be able to make huge plays across the middle.


Simply put, this is a game that is as evenly matched as any Super Bowl matchup, ever. The Seahawks defense will put pressure on Tom Brady as much as possible and when it is time to pin the Patriots back in their own end, they will call on Ryan to help decide field position.


This is Quinn’s swan song. How will he deal with the end of his time in Seattle and his time to be in Atlanta? Nothing will change Quinn’s approach to the game and how he game plans for the Patriots. Look for the defense to remain strong, aggressive and ready to pounce.


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