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Thursday, 5 February 2015

St. Louis Rams 2015: 3 Free Agents To Target This Off-Season

The St. Louis Rams finished 6-10.  That was good for fourth in the NFC Western Division.  You know the NFC Western division.  It is the division that contains the Seattle Seahawks who finished the season a half inch away from being Super Bowl Champions.  The Arizona Cardinals who finished the season 11-5, and also possess the current Coach of the Year.  And well the San Francisco 49ers who through all their dysfunction finished 8-8.

Do not be fooled.  This is a brutal division. 

The Rams have alot of work to do.  But hey, they aren't experiencing the dysfunction of the 49ers.  They still have their defensive coordinator in tact.  And their defensive front line can rival that of any defense in the league. 

So here are three key pieces they should target this off-season.


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