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Sunday, 5 October 2014

How Serious of A Playoff and Super Bowl Contender Are The Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys, otherwise known as America’s team, have been a surprise feel good story so far this 2014 NFL season. The Cowboys entered the 2014 season with a quarterback in Tony Romo coming off back surgery and a defense that was historically bad in 2013.

After the first four weeks of the season all of that has changed and the Cowboys appear to be a serious contender not only in the NFC East, but in the entire NFL. It is still very early in the grand scheme of things, but the early return on this Cowboys’ team has to be very positive.

The Cowboys opened the 2014 season with a home loss against the San Francisco 49ers 28-17. It appeared that the Cowboys were headed for another disappointing season, while the 49ers were about to contend for another Super Bowl. The exact opposite ended up happening and now that has us talking about the Cowboys as a possible playoff contender.

The Cowboys, since that loss, have defeated the Titans and Rams on the road and followed that up with an impressive blowout victory of the Saints 38-17. The Saints were expected to be contenders in a competitive NFC South, but that has been anything but the case.

So, that raises the question are the Cowboys for real or has their great start been a result of a soft schedule so far? I feel it is a combination of both. I would have said a soft schedule before the Saints game, but after the beat down the Cowboys put on the Saints in all fashions of the game I believe the Cowboys are a good team.

The key to the early success for Dallas has been the running game led by DeMarco Murray. Murray has accounted for 534 total yards rushing and has accounted for at least 100 yards rushing in all four games to this point.

The main thing Murray has done is taken pressure off of Romo. Romo in the past several years has had no running game to support him and he was expected to throw the ball around in order for the Cowboys to win. Now, Murray and an improved offensive line have the running game clicking which has got the Cowboys off to a 3-1 start.

The Cowboys at the quarter pole mark are 3-1 as we just mentioned, but can they keep it up and make the playoffs this season? Let’s take a look at their schedule and try to figure that question out.

The Cowboys have key road games against Seattle and Chicago. If the Cowboys were able to somehow beat Seahawks then the Cowboys would be serious contenders not only for a playoff bid, but a possible Super Bowl run. I feel a successful mark in these two games would be going 1-1.  

The next and biggest question is how Dallas will do against their rivals in the NFC East. The Cowboys have not played a game against an NFC East opponent to this point in the season.

In fact, the Cowboys won’t play an NFC East opponent until week seven of the season when they face the New York Giants in Arlington, Texas. If the Cowboys take advantage of a weak NFC East this year then they could easily win ten or 11 games and make a serious playoff run.

It’s still very early, but so far the Cowboy faithful have to be thrilled with what they have witnessed. The running game is clicking, Romo appears to be healthy and the defense is much improved this year.

The Cowboys are well on their way to a playoff spot and we all know once you get into the playoffs anything can happen. It has been a long time since the Cowboys have won a Super Bowl, but this year could be a step in the right direction.

Romo has to stay healthy and the defense must continue their improved ways in 2014. I still believe the Philadelphia Eagles are the favorites to win the NFC East this season, but if there is a team that could knock them off it’s the Dallas Cowboys.

The remaining 12 games for Dallas will be watched very closely by people all across the country. The Cowboys are America’s team and so far America has a team to be proud of in 2014.


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