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Monday, 23 March 2015

Three Dream College Quarterback Matchups We Would Have Loved

It’s March and that can only mean one thing in the world of college athletics, March Madness. The NCAA Tournament has been around since 1939 and there have been some amazing games, coaches, players and moments throughout the nearly eight decade’s worth of madness.

The one key thing when it comes to the NCAA Tournament is matchups and styles of play by each opponent within a particular game. So, being a college football and NFL writer it got me to thinking, what are some matchups that we would have loved to see in the world of college football?

I decided to take the last ten years and think of three matchups that we would have loved to witness as fans. Some of these battles would not have been possible because certain players played at different times, but if we were in a fantasy world we would have loved to witness these matchups.

I have chosen the “Golden Boy Position” in the world of football, that of course being the quarterback. I am going to look at three quarterback matchups we would have loved to witness from the past ten years.

At number three I have selected former Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow facing off against former Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton. This matchup offers a number of intriguing storylines if they were to meet.

To start with, Newton was a former backup quarterback at Florida before being kicked off the team for an alleged theft. Newton went to a community college in Texas before returning to the FBS level in 2010 when he attended Auburn.

Tebow is arguably the greatest college player, ever, and his passion, fire and desire was enough alone to win Florida games on Saturdays. Tebow is the one who people love because of his caring, loving personality, whereas Newton was the cocky and arrogant one that people loved to hate.

I feel this matchup would have been an offensive showcase and the quarterback with the ball last, based on their career history, would have brought their team a victory.

At number two, we have, once again, Tim Tebow facing off against former Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny “Football” Manziel.

This matchup speaks for itself on a number of levels. These two were two of the most passionate, competitive quarterbacks the sport of college football has ever seen. Their lifestyles off the field were entirely different, but their style of play on the field was very similar.

Manziel was the quarterback that ran around the field making plays that seemed impossible and made SEC defenses look average, which was a difficult thing to do. Johnny Football had a party lifestyle off the field and appeared to always be in some sort of controversy.

On the other side, Tebow was the model citizen and teammate off the field. He went on mission trips overseas and was always willing to help someone in need. He never was seen out partying or made headlines for some sort of drama or issues off the field.

It would be one of the most exciting matchups in the history of the game and I honestly wish we could have witnessed these two faceoff. This of course couldn’t have happen because Tebow had graduated from Florida before Johnny Manziel broke onto the scene in 2012.

I feel, much like the previous battle of Tebow and Newton, the quarterback with the ball last would have won.

The third and final matchup that I feel would be a dream battle would be former Texas Longhorns’ Quarterback Vince Young against Johnny Manziel. This game and battle of quarterbacks would have been legendary.

To start with, they played for hated rivals, Vince Young with Texas and Manziel with Texas A&M. This alone would have made this game a must watch, but add on these two quarterback’s careers and you have a matchup made for television.

Vince Young was a legend, even gained the nickname Invincible, and his style of play and clutch, closer like style of play was one of legendary status. He seemed to make something out of nothing every time and you always felt he would find a way to get the win somehow, someway.

Johnny Football had the same playmaking ability with his legs and was an underrated passer, much like Young. This game would have been a must watch, but for fans in Texas it just may have been the biggest game, ever.

Young and Manziel, both, were legends in high school and their careers in college exceeded expectations.

This game, more than any other possible matchup, would have drawn millions to the television set and most of those millions would have came from the state of Texas because of the Longhorns vs. Aggies rivalry and these two quarterbacks amazing talent.

It’s March Madness and if we were able to witness these three quarterback battles, then it would have truly been madness.


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