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Monday, 23 March 2015

Top 5 Rookie Fantasy Wide Receivers: The Way-Too-Early Edition

Amari cooper alabama football wide reciever 2015As we move through the offseason, most of us can relate to the nagging anticipation and mild depression that comes with not being able to watch football. March Madness helps some, but to the die-hard fan its like getting a Tylenol when your covered in third-degree burns.

As we get closer to the real season there is another season that every football fan is no doubt already thinking about. Fantasy season. It  gives us all a chance to test our football mettle and show our friends who the real guru of the group is. (Even if your only friends are your dog, and a cutout cardboard replica of Olivia Munn. No judgement.) Either way. Its time to shine.

With 2014 touting one of the best wide reciever draft classes in history, (and me drafting none of them) there's no doubt more people will be looking at the rookie pool to put talent on thier roster.

Obviously its way too early to start looking seriously at rookie fantasy impact. We still have the free agency, trades, the draft, camp and the preseason to get through before we can make any solid decisions about who to (fantasy) draft.  That doesn't mean the elite fantasy managers arent already looking for an edge.

After studying talent, team needs, and numerous expert mock drafts, it becomes apparent that there are about five to six potential-to-probable first round picks at the wide reciever position.  Pair that with the teams with needs at reciever and thier draft order and we can come up with some signings that have a decent chance of happening.

Now lets take a look at you Top 5 rookie fantasy recievers of 2015 (possibly)




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