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Sunday, 19 April 2015

2015 NFL Draft: 10 Reasons To Watch The First Round

Let the excitement begin!

As soon as the champion was crowned, the prognosticators began their boundless and often insane attempts to predict what every team would do on draft day, nearly three months into the future. Every possible scenario has been offered, and a few even make sense. And that is why we will watch at least the first round of the draft at the end of this month.

I give you my top ten reasons to spend the time to watch all 32 picks in 2015:

1. To see who the Buccaneers think is the better QB.

Will it be Marcus Mariota or Jamies Winston? Will the "winner" be touted as the salvation of the franchise? Or will the Bucs do the unthinkable and trade the most valuable pick away? Stay tuned...

2. To hear Roger Goodell get booed by the rabid draft attendees.

This one speaks for itself.

3. To see if the Chicago venue is as cool as New York always has been.


4. To see if 2015 will break the record for blockbuster trades.

Rumor has it that not a few teams desire an extra pick in the first round, while others would love to cash-in their value and hoaard more picks later. A few have already been made.

5. To see what Bill Belichick will do.

Everyone else is pretty much a copy-cat of the genius who has becme synonymous with draft-day trades to maximize his value. I'm willing to bet that Belichick does not stay put at #32.

6. To see if any of the mockers get any of their selections correct.

On average you can expect the good guys to get about three or four guesses, I mean picks, correct. It is an extremely inexact science (maybe an art). But some of the team needs are so great, the odds look fairly good for situations such as the top two picks being QBs.

7. To hear the analysts claim that they knew...

Just like last year, a select bevy of the best analysts, like Mike Mayock ad Daniel Jeremiah, will sit around a table and tell us all why they think each selection will or will not work for the team.I think it ends up being pretty funny.

8. To see grown men cry when they get the opportunity of a lifetime.

I get the emotion of the moment, coupled with the uncertainty of where they will land in this league. Hundreds of athletes have dedicated every moment and every ounce of energy to get here; the question that gets answered this day is who will be signing their paychecks.

9. To hear someone declare the next winner of the Lombardi Trophy.

Yeah, it's gonna happen. Let the ridiculous predictions begin.

10. So we all can complain that our coaches and GMs are so stupid to have picked so-and-so.

Or not... but that's the beauty of it, we all know better than they do. And we will do our darndest to let everybody know why they should have gone with...


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