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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

2015 NFL Schedule: Ranking The Monday Night Football Games



Are you ready for some football? Particularly, Monday Night Football? It’s the one set of football games that ESPN can roll the red carpet out for.

ESPN’s Monday Night Football is boldly produced with an all-star cast of commentators and in studio host. Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, and Lisa Salters make a great broadcast team. As far as broadcasting goes; ESPN, has the best broadcast of the NFL aside from the Super Bowl. ESPN has the rights to Monday Night Football until 2021, with MNF being broadcasted in Canada, Europe, and Latin America on ESPN Deportes. This season, there are some excellent games on MNF. Are the games must-watch? Let’s do like Woody Paige and look at the schedule.  

At first glance one thing I notice is Jacksonville is not on the Monday Night Football schedule for the fourth season. The last time Jacksonville played on Monday was 2011 against Baltimore. Jacksonville won that game by a score or 7-12. Jacksonville, Tennesse, Tampa Bay, St Louis, and Oakland did not make it to the MNF stage. It's no surprise that these teams don't get the Monday night glory of playing in front of the National audience. In fact, the last time Jacksonville played on Monday Night Football was 2011. These teams must make a drastic improvement or a relocation if they are to rejoin the elite teams that make up the Monday Night Football lineup. 

The opening weekend double-header is always a must-watch. Philly at ATL, is going to be a decent game. Most people will check it out based on if Tebow plays or not. Then, Minnesota at San Francisco. Will AD play for Minnesota? Will Colin Keapernick be as improved as reports have led us to believe?

Following Week 1 there is a big clash of the NFL's Elite and "middle of the pact" week in and week out. These matchups include.: Kansas City vs. Green Bay, Detriot vs. Seattle, Pittsburgh vs. San Diego Dallas vs. Washington, and Cincinnati vs. Denver.

These games alone are great match-ups. The problem that we had last year is the blowouts. If a game ends of a blowout by 30+ points, the game becomes unwatchable. Think back to last year when Kansas City beat New England 41-14. Games like that, make it difficult to watch from start to finish. Football is at its best when the game is close, and there's two elite quarterbacks commanding the offense with back and forth scoring. 

This season, the Monday Night Football line-up looks solid. Philly plays twice, Cleveland and Baltimore go head to head, there's even a December game in Miami as they take on the Giants. The clear winner's this season are Philly, Indianapolis, and San Diego. The losers are teams like Jacksonville, Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Tenessee because these teams aren't good enough to play on the MNF stage. I could see maybe a Jacksonville or Tampa Bay next season. If Jacksonville improves offensivly and if Winston works out with Tampa Bay. All signs point towards another great season. And now, we sit back and enjoy the five month build-up to the most wonderful time of the year. Football season. 






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