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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cleveland Browns Showcase: New Nike Uniforms for 2015 Season

Because the Cleveland Browns aren't in the news enough, the franchise made a showcase out of introducing the teams' new uniforms.

Nine different players, including Pro Bowlers Joe Thomas and Donte Whitner, were on hand to reveal the new uniforms according to

The showcase unveiled nine different brand new uniform combinations with the most notable ones being the usual brown jersey with brown pants, white away jersey with white pants and an alternate orange jersey with orange pants.

The other most notable change was the word "Cleveland" being added to the front of each jersey. The city name will be displayed below the neckline and above the number similar to the way the city names are presented on baseball and basketball jerseys.

That addition was something that really excited the players on Tuesday.

"I think the name of the city on the front is pretty awesome,” Thomas said according to “And I think it kind of helps convey to the players that this city is really a part of the team, more than any other city in the country.”

This is the first major change to the Browns uniform in the franchises' 70-year history. The Browns front office and Nike worked on the uniform changes for two years.

It is worth noting that Nike and the NFL are entering their fourth year of five in the uniform contract the two signed in 2012. There have been some bumps along the way the last three seasons with teams not receiving enough uniforms until several weeks into the season or jerseys changing random colors, but at least ESPN expects the two sides to renew the contract in two years.

If they don't, it's possible the Browns could go through more changes with the new uniform supplier, but no one can say that definitely at this point.

All Browns fans would like now is for the team to actually make news by returning to the playoffs for the first time since 2002.


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