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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Plot Twist: Eagles Sign Tim Tebow Where Does Philly Go From Here?

On Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles shocked the entire NFL when they signed former Florida Gators legend Tim Tebow to a one year contract to surprisingly continue his NFL journey. Tebow had been out of NFL football for a year and it looked as if he wasn’t going to get another shot at fulfilling his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL.

Eagles’ Head Coach Chip Kelly made the bold move and decided to bring Tebow to a roster that was already full of quarterbacks. The Eagles acquired former Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford earlier in the offseason and now with Tebow, Philadelphia has four quarterbacks on the roster.

Tebow made his name in college at the University of Florida and continued that legendary status during the 2011 season when he took over a 1-4 Denver Broncos team and led them to the playoffs. He not only led them to the playoffs, but he led the Broncos to a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That was the main bright moment of Tebow’s NFL career and once the Broncos brought in Peyton Manning, Tebowmania was shut down just as fast as it started. Tebow will now have his chance to prove his worth once again in the NFL, this time with the Eagles and offensive guru Chip Kelly.

I feel the signing of Tebow is ideal for both the Eagles and Tim himself. The Eagles play a college style offense, in that they use lots of formations and plays that you would expect to find at the college level. Tebow strived in a spread attack offense at Florida in college similar to what Kelly does with the Eagles.

The issue will be whether or not Tebow can win the job or not. The Eagles, as I mentioned earlier, have four quarterbacks currently on the roster, with rumors of them going after Marcus Mariota from Oregon in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The Eagles may look to trade Sam Bradford in the next several weeks to clear room on their roster to potentially draft Mariota or just to slim their roster down to three quarterbacks. Philadelphia really has nothing to lose in this situation with the signing of Tebow. It was the true definition of a low risk, high reward signing by Kelly and the Eagles.

If Tebow comes out and shines like he did in Denver, then he will be a bargin for the Broncos. If he comes out and struggles like he did in New York and New England, then it will not hurt them in terms of the salary cap. The deal was only a one year deal as well, so that is another positive for the Eagles in this deal with Tebow.

So overall, the signing is obviously a great thing for Tebow and could possibly be a steal for the Eagles. The Eagles’ quarterback depth may be deep, but let’s be honest it really isn't that talented. There is not that dominant and obvious number one at the quarterback position, which makes me believe they still will look to acquire Mariota in the 2015 NFL Draft.

The future continues to take shape in Philadelphia and why we may not understand what Kelly and the Eagles are doing, they certainly have a plan and they are going after it with force. The Eagles are a team making moves and if nothing else you have to appreciate their efforts towards trying to build a winning team for 2015 and beyond.


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