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Thursday, 14 May 2015

2015 Dallas Cowboys Schedule Preview & Season Outlook

The 2014 season for the Dallas Cowboys was one of great surprise to many. They entered the 2014 campaign with low expectations, which for them is a rarity even if they aren’t worthy of the lofty expectations.

They exceeded the expectations of everyone and proved to be a Super Bowl contender throughout the season. It was a back to the future season in sorts for Dallas in the way they approached their offensive game plan.

They used the trio of Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Demarco Murray to bring back the triplets feel and attacked opposing defenses with a triple threat offense. The duo of Romo and Bryant was one of the best in all of football, combine that with Murray’s breakout season and it led the Cowboys all the way to the second weekend of the NFL Playoffs.

The Cowboys now must look forward to the 2015 season with a new look offense. The most notable departure is running back Demarco Murray. Murray signed an offseason deal with NFC East rival Philadelphia. The Eagles seemed to come out of nowhere to snatch up Murray from the Cowboys and has left Dallas searching for a replacement to fill the void Murray has left in the Cowboys’ backfield.

It will be a challenge to replace his offensive production from 2014, but if the combination of Romo and Bryant can continue their success the running game will not be as big of a challenge to restore from the 2014 season.

The schedule for the Cowboys has its fair share of tough out of conference games, but as always in the NFC East inner divisional games is what makes and breaks the Cowboys' success plan.

Here is a look at the full 2015 Dallas Cowboys’ schedule.

Week 1 – New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 2 – Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Week 3 – Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 4 – Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints

Week 5 – New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 6 – Bye Week

Week 7 – Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

Week 8 – Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 9 – Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 10 – Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 11 – Dallas Cowboys @ Miami Dolphins

Week 12 – Carolina Panthers @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 13 – Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

Week 14 – Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers

Week 15 – New York Jets @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 16 – Dallas Cowboys @ Buffalo Bills

Week 17 – Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys


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