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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

2015 NFL Draft: 7 Picks Destined For EPIC Fail

How do we define epic fail?  JaMarcus Russell epic fail.  Ryan Leaf epic fail.  Tim Tebow epic fail?  First round choice who lasted one mediocre year in the NFL.  But he did win a playoff game.  So epic fail?  And what about what Washington?  What they gave up for quarterback Robert Griffin III?  Can that count as an epic fail? 

So players can be an epic fail.  But so can organziations. 

Now it is time to pre-judge this year's acquisitons.  Most fails are a first round choice.  Make sense because if you are drafted that early you are expected to produce.  First off lets dispense with those rookies who have suffered injuries before they got on the field.  So Dante Fowler Jr. gets a pass.  Let's face it without the injury he would have been a player. 

So let the judging begin.

7.  Pick 27: Byron Jones, CB, Cowboys:  There is no doubt that Jones is an athletic freak.  Look at his combine stats.  But his game film is spotty.  Besides, the Cowboys needed a reliable running back after giving up last year's best at the position.  So fail for both.

6.  Pick 25: Shaq Thompson, OLB, Panthers: Again another pick that ignored their need.  Hello....Cam Newton needs an offensive wall that can equal his standards. This is more of a fail for the organization than player. FAIL.

5.  Pick 18: Marcus Peters, CB, Chiefs: Dear Chiefs, You realize not one of your wide receivers had a touchdown reception last year?  Peters is good.  No question.  He also was tossed from Washington for "issues".  No question.  First round good with second round character issues.  And yeah wide receiver needs.

4.  Pick 10: Todd Gurley, RB, Rams: Is it wrong for me to say I hope this is so wrong.  But Gurley is coming off a devastating injury.  He couldn't participate in the NFL Combine.  And the Rams picked him up in the first round.  Again Gurley is good.  And this pick will be the steal of the draft if he can stay healthy.  IF?

3.  Pick 5: Brandon Scherff, OG, Washington: Washington is working to become the team defined by dysfunction.  Their star quarterback is questionable.  Their offense is underachieving.  And they had a top five pick.  Sexy pick, no.  Helpful pick?  I dunno. 

2.  Pick 40: Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Titans:  Again no question regarding his athletic ability.  But who is going to throw him the ball?  Rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota?  Or in this corner the fighter Zach Mettenberger?  And what offense will the Titans run this season?  Frustrated much?

1.  Pick 2: Marcus Mariota, QB, Titans: It's them not you. In the right system, are you listening Philadelphia Eagles, he could excel.  Unfortunately, this is not the right system.  So the question is will Ken Wisenhunt adjust his system to Mariota's skill set?  He didn't do much adjusting last year.  And the offense languished in the bottom third in every category.  So sorry Marcus, it's them not you.


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