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Monday, 18 May 2015

College Football & NFL Trivia Challenge: Are You A Trivia Wiz?

As the NFL and college football offseason progresses, the impatient wait for football to return grows each day. We are just about three months away from actual live football being on television. It may seem a long ways away, but we are almost there.

So, this got me thinking what would be a fun way to enjoy some days in the very long offseason in both college football and the NFL? I have found the solution, for the short term at least. I figured it would be a fun idea to play a little trivia game where we combine the sport of college football and NFL.

I will list some players that are currently in the NFL and the audience, you the readers, will try to determine where each current NFL player played their college football at. I think this is a fun, educational way to enjoy the football offseason and just a different twist from your original football article.

So, here is how this will work. I will post the names of the NFL star in the upper section of this article and just below I will type the names of the colleges these athletes attended. As you read through the list of NFL players you try and match their name with the college they attended and played college football.

You are welcome to post a comment to this article telling the ones you know and see if you can list all the athletes and their corresponding college correctly. So, without further delay let the trivia challenge begin.

Current NFL Stars

Ben Roethlisberger

Eli Manning

Peyton Manning

Aaron Rodgers

Cam Newton

Demarco Murray

Larry Fitzgerald

Calvin Johnson

Matthew Stafford

Wes Welker

Geno Smith

Alex Smith

Jay Cutler

Name of colleges to choose from




Miami of Ohio

Texas Tech





Georgia Tech

Ole Miss

West Virginia



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