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Monday, 18 May 2015

FN 'MMH': NFL Nails Patriots With Deflategate Punishment

Football Nation proudly presents the third episode in Season 4 of "Monday Morning Huddle" with host Dave Holcomb.

On this week's show, Holcomb keeps the guest list rolling as he welcomes on FN Senior Writer Doug Tozier and Mechanical Engineer Gary Holcomb.

In the first segment, Dave Holcomb asks Tozier several questions regarding deflate gate in an attempt to objectively share their thoughts and concerns of the Wells Report, which has its obvious flaws. Tozier also argues the punishment handed out to quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots is unjust but does indicate that Brady's legacy has change in the eyes of the public.

During the second segment of this episode, Dave brings on Gary Holcomb, who has a BS in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and a MBA from Harvard Business School. In the segment, Gary provides the listeners specific reasons as to why the conclusions the Wells Report provides based on the testing the footballs underwent at halftime of the AFC Championship Game is seriously flawed.

Finally, Dave Holcomb provides his own opinions on the Patriots rebuttal of Jim McNally's use of the word "deflator", the Patriots punishment and finally Brady's legacy. All that and more in this episode of "Monday Morning Huddle."

The next episode of MMH will appear on June 1.

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