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Friday, 8 May 2015

St. Louis Rams: Grading Each Pick of the 2015 Draft

The 2015 NFL Draft is done.  It is all over but the playing.  So did the St. Louis Rams do anything to help them make post-season? 

Here are the draft choices of the Rams and how they rate out:

Round 1 (10th pick): Todd Gurley, Running Back, Georgia

They did the unthinkable.  The Rams drafted a running back in the first round.  Not only the first round but a top ten. 

There is no question Gurley has the potential to be a super stud.  He also has a questionable ACL injury lingering in the minds of everyone.  If Gurley stays healthy it is a A+ pick.  If he re-injurs his knee is at best a C-.

Grade B

Round 2 (57th): Rob Havenstein, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

Havenstein was projected as a third or fourth round prospect.  He struggled at the NFL Combine.  He excelled in the Senior Bowl.  So he doesn't have measurables.  Perhaps the Rams were looking at what he did for running back Melvin Gordon?   But that the Rams went and got him in the second round is a reach. 

His draft analysis and college film demonstrates a really good run blocker.  So head coach Jeff Fisher is sticking to his vision. 

Grade C

Round 3 (72nd): Jamon Brown, Offensive Tackle, Louisville

Brown can play both tackle and guard.  Brown is wide with good length and athletic.  Most scouts were impressed with his frame and his size but he is raw.  There are questions regarding his endurance.  He didn't receive an invite to the NFL Combine or the Senior Bowl.  

His pre-draft projection indicated he would go in rounds four or five. 

Grade C-

Round 3 (89th): Sean Mannion, Quarterback, Oregon State

Mannion is considered a developmental quarterback.  He finished his college career with 30 fumbles and 54 interceptions.  While his 6'6" frame is a bonus, but he takes too much time to throw on out routes. 

His pre-draft projection was for the fifth or sixth round. 

Grade D

Round 4(119th): Andrew Donnal, Offensive Tackle, Iowa

Donnal is not the most athletic of tackles but his football IQ is extrememly high. 

So the Rams are clearly addressing their need on the offensive line.  With Brown they have the raw and athletic.  With Donnal they have a tackle who understands the position in and out and who plays hard each and every snap.  Ying and Yang?

His pre-draft projection was for round five and six.

Grade C

Round 6(201st): Bud Sasser, Wide Receiver, Missouri

In a draft heavy with good wide receivers Sasser was not considered among the elite of the group. Sasser has size at 6'2", however he does not consistently use it to his advantage.  His NFL draft analysis states, "He lacks quick deep speed and has a hard time getting a clean release against press coverage." 

Look for Sasser to play in the slot.

Pre-draft projection round seven or priority free agent.

Grade C-

Round 6(215th): Cody Wichmann, Guard, Fresno State

This is the fourth selection for the offensive line.  Will probably fit best in a scheme that will not require much movement from him.  He is good in small spaces but lacks the ability to block in space.  But he is strong and should be able to hold his own.

Pre-draft projection was round six or seven.

Grade C

Round 7(224th): Bryce Hager, Linebacker, Baylor

Hager is going to join one of the best defensive lines in the league.  His skills display his former position as a running back.  Hager shows good range and plays well against the pass. 

Pre-draft projection round six or seven.

Grade C+

Round 7(227th): Martin Ifedi, Defensive End, Memphis

High motor player who lacks skill as a pass rusher.  However, has the ability to get under blockers.  Reacts quickly to run plays.  Very smart player. 

Pre-draft projection round seven or priority free agent. 

Grade C+

While it is clear the Rams went and got players early, there is a consistent plan in their picks.  The offensive line is addressed.  The Rams are clearly moving towards a running game.  If Gurley remains healthy the path is clear for the Rams to make a mark on the season. 

Overall Grade C




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