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Friday, 1 May 2015

The Most NFL Ready Player in the 2015 NFL Draft Is:

Amari Cooper, wide receiver, Alabama. Cooper is the complete package and has all the tools needed to be successful at the next level. He is quick and balanced. His release is good and the burst needed to get away from defenders is there. He runs fluid and disciplined routes and gets open when his quarterback is in trouble. He is also an excellent blocker at the line of scrimmage and downfield. Route running comes natural to the 6’1” Cooper, who isn’t the tallest wide receiver in this year’s draft but is by far the most NFL ready. He’s dropped a few big passes at times which is the only negative. As Cooper matures, he will only get better.

For three years Cooper’s faced top notch competition while at Alabama, establishing himself as one of the best wide receivers in school history. He broke Julio Jones’s freshman record scoring 11 TD’s averaging almost 17 yards per catch. Coopers was slowed by a nagging injury his sophomore year. Only starting 7 games he still put up 736 yards and four TD’s. In 2014 the talented wide receiver established himself as the best at his position. Watching Cooper play, especially early in games, I was amazed how, when drawing double coverage, he made the most of the space he was in. After the catch, he created so much separation from the defenders it looked like the defenders blew coverage because there was no one near him as he was streaking up the middle or down the sideline for a score.    

Cooper is at the top of a very strong wide receiver class. He will make an immediate impact regardless of who selects him with Jacksonville and Oakland as likely destinations. Cooper will play a big role in turning Blake Bortels or David Carr’s potential to on-field success. That’s assuming another team doesn’t move down and take him. With what has transpired already this offseason, anything’s possible.   


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