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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Denver Broncos v New York Jets: 3 Things We Learned

The Denver Broncos traveled east to meet the chaos that defines the New York Jets.  It was a win for the Broncos, but it somehow seemed empty. 

Here are three things we learned from the game. 

Is it the stadium?

For the first half it seemed as if the ghosts of games past was haunting the Broncos.  Quarterback Peyton Manning had a missnap, again.  Manning was harrassed and harangued.  And the front seven of the New York Jets' defense looked eerily reminiscent of a certain team that sports neon green not named the Jets.  Maybe it is just the beginning of Halloween season?

Whatever the reason the wrongs were eventually righted.  The expected happened.  Peyton Manning and the Broncos managed to exit the stadium with a 31-17 victory. 

But did we learn that Met Life stadium and green is Manning's kryptonite?  If it is true he managed like our Super hero to find a way to overcome it.  But it was slow and for a few minutes the outcome was in doubt.

Ground and Pound is Not as Advertised

For a team that is leary of its quarterback and wide receiving options, the acquisition of Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory was supposed to be the salve that cured all that ills.  The Jets rushed for 31 yards, total. 

Chris Johnson who can no longer be referred to as CJ2k rushed three times for nine yards.  Chris Ivory rushed eight times for seven yards.  Bilal Powell rushed two times for four yards.  And the leading rusher, quarterback Geno Smith rushed two times for 11 yards. 

Yes, that is a total of 31 total rushing yards for the Jets' offense. 

We learned what a top five rushing defense is supposed to do. 

Geno Smith may not be as bad as advertised

Oh he has his issues.  But playing against what is arguably one of the most potent offenses in the NFL he wasn't horrible in comparison.  And right now that's a plus.  Yes, his lone interception came as the Jets were on the march to tie the game.  It was bad. 

But for three quarters he looked respectable.  Smith was hurried and sacked four times.  That was not all on him. 

He finished the game with 190 yards and two passing touchdowns.  He threw the ball away when he could have passed for an interception.  He marched his team down the field.  With the help of a stellar defensive line he kept the game close, at least he didn't make it out of reach. 

He didn't win the game.  But for once you can't say his play lost the game either. 


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