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Saturday, 4 October 2014

DraftKings Strategy: 5 Players Who Are Worth Their Big Salary

Do you play Fantasy Football? If the answer is yes, this week is the most exciting opportunity in the history of the game. Win a MILLION DOLLARS playing Fantasy Football this week only! Go to and get in on the action.

It is only $27 to enter the Millionaire Maker fantasy football contest this week. First place gets $1 Million in cash, second place is $100,000 in cash and 15,500 contestants (1 out of 6) will win money.

In the Millionaire Maker fantasy football contest this week, you draft your lineup with a $50,000 virtual budget. All contestants are selecting from the same pool and all players can be used by all contestants. You can change your lineup all the way up until Sunday Kickoff. It takes less than one minute to sign up and about five minutes to draft your lineup.

With just a $50,000 budget, fantasy owners may be reluctant to spend money on some of the league’s big name players. While some are certainly over priced, there are a handful of top players that you should find a way to fit on your roster.

Here are five players that are worth their big price tag in the Millionaire Maker contest. 


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