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Friday, 3 October 2014

DraftKings Strategy Week 5: Make Sure to Check the Weather

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Breaking news, it's raining pretty hard in Green Bay. 

Bill Enright and I may not be giving breaking news to fans watching the Vikings and Packers Thursday Night game, but let this be a lesson to the daily fantasy players throwing their hats in the ring for $1 million. Don't let bad weather ruin your chances at the first-place price.

Here are the current weather forecasts in the 14 cities hosting NFL games the rest of weekend and Monday night.

Texans at Cowboys, Dallas: dome
Bills at Lions, Detroit: dome
Browns at Titans, Nashville: 61 degrees, partly sunny
Ravens at Colts, Indianapolis: dome
Buccaneers at Saints, New Orleans: dome
Falcons at Giants, East Rutherford: 72 degrees, partly sunny
Rams at Eagles, Philadelphia: 72 degrees, partly sunny
Bears at Panthers, Charlotte: 69 degrees, partly sunny
Steelers at Jaguars, Jacksonville: 81 sunny
Cardinals at Broncos, Denver: 72 degrees, partly sunny
Jets at Chargers, San Diego: 94 degrees, partly sunny
Chiefs at 49ers, San Francisco: 90 degrees, sunny

Bengals at Patriots, Foxboro: 63 degrees, mostly clear
Seahawks at Redskins, Landover: 70 degrees, partly cloudy

Make sure to check back this weekend for updated forecasts before officially submitting your lineup. At the very least, check Bill Enright's twitter account. He is a meteorologist in his spare time.



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