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Friday, 10 October 2014

DraftKings Strategy Week 6 Wide Receivers: Best Buy and Over Priced

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Below you’ll find Over-Priced and Best Buys WRs.These are purely my suggestion as to which players come at a reasonable or unreasonable price based on their projected production. Some of them I don’t like based on match-ups while others I love the match-ups but don’t like the price.  

It’s important to note you don’t want to ONLY use the Best Buy Players, this is simply a way to find some “sleepers” to fill your lineup.  

Best Buy Wide Receivers:

Demaryius Thomas $8,000 vs. Jets: Doesn’t matter if his price was $9,000, the Jets are HORRENDOUS when it comes to stopping the pass.  Thomas came alive in Week 5 and will look to keep fly high over the the Jets in Week 6.

Emmanuel Sanders $6,900 vs. Jets: Don’t like repeating myself but the Jets are HORRENDOUS when it comes to stopping the pass. Shockingly Sanders still hasn’t scored a TD in 2014 but is on pace to finish with Top 3 in yards and Top 3 in catches. 

 Brandon Marshall $6,300 vs. Falcons: He’s practicing in full and the ankle injury is getting better by the day. Three straight weeks of single digit fantasy points come to an end in Week 6 with Marshall facing a terrible Falcons secondary. 

Percy Harvin $5,400 vs. Cowboys: If you only looked at the box score from Week 5 Monday Night Football, you missed out on seeing Percy Harvin score 3 TDs and then watch as the refs called INSANE penalties that negated the scores. Harvin is going to get into the end-zone for the 1st time since Week 2. 

ABSOLUTE STEAL: Roddy White $4,800 vs. Bears: I keep going back to the Bears/Falcons match-up because defense is optional for both of these squads. I expect a lot of points and so do the wise guys in Vegas. Look for an 17-24 point outing from Roddy.

BIG RISK SMALL PRICE: Rueben Randle $4,600 vs; Eagles: With Odell Beckham Jr. now in action, most think Randle’s targets are projected to take a hit. But I disagree. Randle is leading the Giants in targets and catches and Eli LOVES looking in his direction when in the Red-Zone. Let everyone else jump on the rookie while you ride Randle to the bank in one of his best match-ups of the year.


Over Price Wide Receivers:

Jeremy Maclin $6,800 vs, Giants: Maclin has been good in 2014 but not priced higher than Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, or Steve Smith Sr. good. Match-up is solid but the price is too rich for our blood for a guy that is averaging just 5.5 catches per game.

Mike Wallace $5,900 vs. Packers: Wallace has scored in 3 of 4 games this year and yet only averages 14 fantasy points each week…that doesn’t add up and it’s because he’s also averaging just 4 catches per game with a mediocre 50 yards per outing. If he doesn’t get into the end-zone he’s a HUGE waste.

Eddie Royal $5,500 vs. Raiders: I can’t stress this enough…Eddie Royal is absolute Fools Gold. Remember back to last year when he had 5 TDs in 3 games all in September and then completely fall off in October? What that trend is happening all over again here in 2014.

James Jones $5,100 vs. Chargers: I don’t want to waste your team with analysis and instead will just say HE PLAYS FOR THE RAIDERS…

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