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Monday, 20 October 2014 Week 7 Bankroll Do's and Dont's (Update 3)

Hey All, 

Here are my 5 lineups for the GPP contests today.  

Started each lineup with a QB/WR combo I liked.  Bortles is a risk, but they should be passing alot as they will be behind most of the day. 

Really like the trio of Jamal Charles, LeVeon Bell, and Andre Ellington and that is why they are spilt up through the most lineups.

I like Brandon LLoyd getting some big play opportunities in what could be a shoot out.  

Also like the upside of Storm Johnson with Gerhart out.

Doug Baldwin is a late lineup addition with the trade of Percy Harvin. Seattle should not have a problem throwing agains St. Louis.  

A bit worried about Kelvin Benjamin even though he is active.  I think it is worth the shot, with both starting cornerbacks in Green Bay on the sidelines though.  

Hopefully some of these hit and we can win some $$$$. 

QBBlake Bortles0swap out
RBJamaal Charles0swap out
RBAndre Ellington P0swap out
WRPierre Garcon0swap out
WRJordy Nelson0swap out
WRCecil Shorts III0swap out
TELarry Donnell0swap out
FLEXBrandon Marshall0swap out
DSTSteelers0swap out



QBMatthew Stafford17.9swap out
RBJustin Forsett16.1swap out
RBLamar Miller P16.3swap out
WRAntonio Brown24.1swap out
WRAlshon Jeffery16.8swap out
WRGolden Tate16.7swap out
TEGreg Olsen P17.0swap out
FLEXBrandon Lloyd6.4swap out
DSTBills9.0swap out


QBPeyton Manning0swap out
RBArian Foster P0swap out
RBStorm Johnson0swap out
WRRueben Randle0swap out
WRSteve Smith Sr.0swap out
WRWes Welker0swap out
TEDwayne Allen0swap out
FLEXAlshon Jeffery0swap out
DSTBills0swap out


QBCam Newton0swap out
RBLe'Veon Bell0swap out
RBAndre Ellington P0swap out
WRDoug Baldwin0swap out
WRKelvin Benjamin Q0swap out
WRT.Y. Hilton0swap out
TEVernon Davis P0swap out
FLEXBen Tate P0swap out
DSTBrowns0swap out



QBAaron Rodgers0swap out
RBLe'Veon Bell0swap out
RBJamaal Charles0swap out
WRDavante Adams0swap out
WRMichael Floyd P0swap out
WRBrandon Marshall0swap out
TEJordan Cameron0swap out
FLEXFred Jackson0swap out
DSTRedskins0swap out

Again keep an eye out on the late games and Monday night incase some craziness happens and late adjustments need to be made. 

Good luck fellas, 



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