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Friday, 3 October 2014

NFL Fantasy Week 5: Game by Game Analysis

Week 5 is here and somehow the regular season is already at the quarter mark.  Only 2 teams on BYE this week, so there are 15 games.

In the 13 games last week , I picked 13 breakout players, 13 busts, 13 super sleepers and 26 Lottery Tickets.

Let's review how I did in Week 4:

I did fantastic on Breakouts, getting 11 correct, raising my accuracy to 54% on the season.  I faired much worse on the Busts, getting 6 of the 13 correct and lowering my accuracy to 57% on busts.  I picked 2 sleepers correctly dropping my season accuracy to 30%.  Finally I got 7 Lottery tickets correct last week to keep my accuracy at 30% for the season.

Good Call of the week: Julio Jones - I said, "Then again, a down week for Jones is 6 catches for 75 yards."  His actual Stat line: 6 catches for 82 yards.  I'd say that was pretty spot on.

Bad Call Of The Week: Eli Manning - Whoops!  Got this one wrong... way, way, way, way wrong!


Without further delay, here is Week 5's game by game analysis.

In case you have forgotten or are new to this... here are my definitions:

Breakout Potential: This is the player that has the most upside in this match-up. It may be a top player that will shine a little brighter than expected or a player that isn't necessarily a must start that will exceed expectations.

Bust Watch: The player with the most to downside and the most to lose.  Will likely underperform this week.

Super Sleeper: This is a player that is likely buried on someone's bench or a free agent that has the opportunity to surprise with a decent fantasy game. 

Lottery Tickets: Feeling Lucky? Want to start a player that the league may laugh at you when you start, but will bow to you when you are right... try one of these players. WARNING: They are called Lottery Tickets for a reason, most won't pan out... so choose wisely... or play it safe and just stash one of these guys on your bench so you can lament later in the week, "AHH!! I ALMOST STARTED HIM!"


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