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Thursday, 30 October 2014

NFL Picks Week 9 (Second Half Begins Edition)

It's time for the second half of the NFL season, and while everyone will be changing their clocks back the night before the next NFL Sunday dawns, the NFL season won't be "falling back" anytime soon.

Sometimes, I hate myself.

This week...Brady and Peytie together again, the Dallas drama welcomes the best team in the NFC, and someone will actually have a .500 record in the NFC South after this week.

No really.

This is also the lightest week of the NFL schedule, with only 13 games scheduled.

And it's all for entertainment purposes only.

Byes this week: the Bears (3-5), the Bills (5-3), the Falcons (2-6), the Lions (6-2), the Packers (5-3) & the Titans (2-6).

Last week: 9-6

Overall: 63-58


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