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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

San Francisco at St. Louis: 3 Things We Learned

The 49ers came away with a win against the Rams 31-17, and it took the whole team to do it. The following are three things we learned from the game.

1. One for all and all for one.

After the 1st quarter was played, things did not look good for The 49ers, as they trailed 14-0. However The 49ers defense really showed up in the second half with Ahmad Brooks and Dan Skuta both getting two sacks, and the rest of the defense only allowing one 1st down out of the first six posessions by The Rams in the Second half. Then Kaepernick threw three touchdowns in a row, one to Brandon Lloyd, one to Anquan Boldin, and one to Michael Crabtree. All in all the win came from everyone on the 49ers working together as a team.

2. No such thing as a lucky jersey.

To honor their 1999 Superbowl team, the Rams wore the jerseys from 1999. The jerseys proved to be unlucky however as the Rams failed to score any points in the second half, not to mention QB Austin Davis  getting sacked too many times, and throwing a game losing interception, which brings us to the third and last thing we learned.

3. Dontae Johnson proved to be a great draft pick.

#36 Dontae Johnson proved to be well worth his late 4th round pick in the draft this year, when with only 53 seconds  to go, Johnson picks up an interception and runs it twenty yards for the touchdown, securing the win for the 49ers, who have now won 3 in a row.

Overall it was a well fought game by The 49ers; if this continues maybe Coach Harbaugh will still have his position in San Francisco next year.


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