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Saturday, 4 April 2015

5 Most Overrated Prospects In The 2015 Draft

This year, the NFL Draft will be held in Chicago, Illinois for the first time since 1964. That does not change the fact that several players will get drafted too low, too high, for the wrong reasons, etc. More specifically, overrated prospects make for some of the biggest busts in draft history.  Jamarcus Russell (1st overall in 2007), Aaron Curry (4th, 2009), Matt Leinart (10th, 2006) and Blaine Gabbert (10th, 2011) are just recent examples of draft prospects who were clearly overrated. In this article, I will break down five players that are overrated, and will likely get drafted too high for their value. This isn't to say these players are busts, just that they will not deserve to be drafted where they are currently projected. Click below to begin the slideshow.


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