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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Seattle At Washington: How Monday Night Affected The NFC

Every game means something, even early in the season when momentum needs to be built. A quick start isn't necessarily a guarantee of success, especially after a full sixteen game schedule has been completed. But at the same time, a downward spiral or winning streak can mean the difference between a season of frustration and a deep run into the playoffs.

It almost seems a given that the Seattle Seahawks have the inside track to the Super Bowl after such a dominant performance in the last one. The Washington Redskins have only one direcftion to go after really disappointing (okay, humiliating) 2013 in the basement of the NFC East.

The match-up pitted a Super Bowl winning QB against a very capable back-up. Kirk Cousins has had some success filling-in for RG3. Meanwhile, on the other side, we all know the exploits of Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks git off to a fast start, shutting out the Redskins for most of the first half and surrendering only one score by halftime. But Washington was finally able to neutralize the potent Seattle attack to come within a touchdown of the defending Super Bowl Champs in the second half.

But if any one factor weighed heaviest in this contest, it was the legs of Wilson, the rushing leader for the night. He single-handedly out-rushed all other runners COMBINED in the game!

The win puts the Seahawks into a tie with the Cardinals, who failed to maintain their unbeaten status in the same week the Bengals lost theirs as well. Seattle showed that they cannot be held down for long.

The win gives the Seahawks that all-important momentum that every team seeks, especially in a division that has been extremely competitive lately. Unfortunately, the Redskins remain in the basement in a division that features three teams all headed in the right direction.

In short, Seattle is headed up and Washington is headed back down. The good news is that the 'skins have no place to go but up; the only question is: how is that to be accomplished? They are in turmoil and who will lead them out of it is unclear for the present time.

If Seattle continues to play the way they did on this night, that Super Bowl is a very real possibility for the second straight year.


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