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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The 6-1 Cowboys Are NOT Who You Think They Are!

The Dallas Cowboys are not for real. Don’t be fooled by their 6-1 record, fancy stadium, or the fact that half their offense could look really good in underwear commercials. This team is a fake. A fraud. A phony. Their 6-1 record is a scam. Paying attention yet?

Sure, Dallas has won their last six games. It is a strong streak. The last time the Cowboys won six in a row was 2007. They actually won 12 out of their first 13 that season, but stumbled down the stretch losing two of their last three and their only playoff game. This team seems even better.

When we take a closer look at the Cowboys though, there are four glaring flaws. Four things that are going to prove their weakness and that will cause their ultimate downfall.

4. Schedule: The Cowboys have won six games against teams that are a combined 15-24. Big freaking deal! Their BIG win at Seattle seems less and less impressive as the Seahawks implode. They don’t have a SINGLE win against a team with a winning record. And three of their wins have been by a score or less including a win in overtime at “home” against the Texans.

Looking ahead, the Cowboys face some actual challenges. Their remaining slate includes two games against the Eagles, games at home against the Cardinals and Colts, and a road game at the Bears. All five of these games will present very strong challenges, and games at Washington and the Giants always end up being close because of a great division match-up. Don’t be surprised if the Boys limp in to the playoffs as a wildcard at 10-6.

3. Demarco Murray: WHAT?! Isn’t he the top option for league MVP right now? Isn’t he the reason the Cowboys are 6-1? Yes and yes. And he will also lead to their downfall. Murray is touching the ball at an incredible pace. He is on pace to have 478 touches on the year. This is the same Demarco Murray that has missed multiple games every year of his career. I just don’t believe that he will survive much longer. And when that happens, inconsistent Tony Romo has to take the reins. The Cowboys become one dimensional and teams find the much easier to stop.

2. Run defense: Sure, their run defense and defense in general looks a lot better than it did last year, at least on the stat sheet. But when we look closer there are two things that stick out. First is that the Cowboys are still giving up nearly 5.0 yards per carry to opposing teams. They have had their mix of very good (Lynch, Gore, Foster) backs to play against and very bad (Sankey, Stacy, Williams) backs. But if a team can average half of a first down every time they run the ball, that isn’t good.

Second, because teams often played from behind they had to abandon the run. The Titans and Saints only carried the ball 13 times; the Seahawks, who dominate the run game, only rushed 18 times. Teams who actually run the ball have found success doing so.

1.Time of possession: Let’s tie this one to Demarco Murray. One of the only reasons that the Cowboys are doing well is because they allow Murray to control the clock. Over the 360 minutes they have played in six winning contests, they controlled the ball for a ridiculous 211 minutes! That is nearly 18% more time than their opponents. Once Murray goes down, it all changes.

Think that I should have written an article praising Demarco Murray? Maybe you’re right. I do tie their downfall to an event that may never happen (and the fact they haven’t beaten anyone of substance). Tell me about it in the comments below.


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