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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Toasts for Dixie: Ole Miss & MSU are the Real Deal


Nobody loves college football like the state of Mississippi does right now.  Whether you like it or not, Ole Miss and Mississippi State are the real deal and are in the hunt for the four-team College Football Playoff this year. 


Mississippi State man-handled the Auburn Tigers, 38-23, Saturday while Ole Miss beat Texas A&M, 35-20, on the road.  The score doesn’t truly show how dominant Ole Miss was on both sides of the ball.


Ole Miss’s defense, known as the “landsharks”, truly is the scariest defense in the nation right now.  They took down an Aggie offence easily on their own turf. 


Aggies quarterback Kenny Hill threw 2 interceptions, one resulting in a 75-yard touchdown by safety Cody Prewitt.   Hill was also sacked twice and fumbled on the first play of the fourth quarter, which Keith Lewis returned for a touchdown to make it 35-7. Poor Kenny Hill just couldn’t do anything and the Aggies ground game was shut down to just 54 yards. 


Anyone still questioning Ole Miss’s legitimacy is a fool.  You need to get over what hate/jealously you have (unless you’re Mississippi State) for Mississippi and realize they are the real deal this year. 


Ole Miss still has really tuff games coming up with two of them being road games at LSU and at Arkansas.  The egg-bowl will most likely be more exciting than the Iron-bowl this season.


The only thing I can really see other teams banking on is to take advantage of quarterback Bo Wallace’s mistakes.  He is prone to making key mistakes but if he is mistake-free for the rest of the season they could win every game this season. 


Fun fact for fans and upcoming opponents, Ole Miss’s starting defense has scored just as many points as they have given up.  Sit on that one for a while if you think Ole Miss isn’t that good. The state of Mississippi is coming for ya, and both teams have proven they are the best in the nation right now.



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