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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

2014 Fantasy Football Champs and Chumps: Week 6

Quarterback Champs:

Cam Newton 29/46 284 yards, 2 TDs, INT; 17 Rush, 107 yards, TD- 33.9 fantasy points

Thank God. This is the Cam that we remember. And a career high 17 rush attempts? Yes please. Cam finally looks as if the “bubble wrap” has been removed. A healthy Cam= a DANGEROUS Cam.

Joe Flacco- 21/29, 306 yards, 5 TDs- 32.2 fantasy points

So, he had five touchdown passes in the first 16 minutes of the game…are you kidding me? One thing that we learned? Start ANY decent QB against the Bucs and grab your popcorn. 

Tom Brady- 27/37, 361 yards, 4 TDs– 30.7 fantasy points

Welcome back to the winner’s circle Mr. Brady. We’re all so glad you stopped playing like Greg Brady out there. Might want to scoop him back up if somehow he is on your waiver wire…#TrendingUpward

Quarterback Chumps:

Teddy Bridgewater- 23/37, 188 3 INTs- 2.5 fantasy points

This bridge absolutely COLLAPSED on Sunday. Avoid the Vikes, they are a mess (Scoop up McKinnon though). 

Eli Manning- 13/23, 151 yards– 6.3  fantasy points

Noodle arm. Flaccid stat line. Is Austin Davis really THAT much better than you, Eli? Disappointing, bro.

Running Back Champs:

Matt Forte-17 Rush, 80 yards, 2 TDs; 10 Rec, 77 yards- 27.7 fantasy points

Forte is REALLY coming into his own. Oh, and by the way, he has 22 CATCHES over the past two weeks (the most in the NFL over that span). #TheMANinPPR

Arian Foster- 20 Rush, 109 yards 2 TDs; 3 Rec, 32 yards– 26.1 fantasy points

I hope this squashes all of the “Arian Foster workload/injury” talks… He has 55.3 fantasy points over the past two weeks.

Gio Bernard- 18 Rush, 137 yards TD; 4 Rec, 20 yards – 21.7 fantasy points

Gio’s first time over 100 yards rushing? Wow, I didn’t realize that, but with the workload he has been getting, I wouldn’t bet against it happening again next week…

 Running Back Chumps:

C.J. Spiller- 6 Rush, 19 yards FUMBLE – NEGATIVE 0.1 fantasy points

Oh look, another fumble! Oh look, another trip to the chumps list! Ride the pine, bro. YOU’RE BASICALLY UNSTARTABLE.

Matt Asiata - 2 Rush, -5 yards; 1 Rec, 18 yards- 1.3 fantasy points

In a surprise demotion (but REALLY though, are we surprised?), Jerrick McKinnon has now passed Asiata on the depth chart. Quick, trade him before the dummies in your league realize it!

Wide Receiver Champs:

T.Y. Hilton- 9 Rec, 223 yards, TD- 38.3 fantasy points

How many of you got “Hiltoned” this weekend? Yeah, I guess that could sound like a good thing to some, but not if we are talking about our boy T.Y., who went absolutely BALLISTIC Thursday night against the Texans. Hold on tight to T.Y. moving forward and watch him continue to go H.A.M. as he further solidifies himself as Luck’s primary weapon. #FormerlyBoomorBust #NowJustBOOM

Andre Holmes- 4 Rec, 121 yards, 2 TDs- 24.1 fantasy points

He was a sleeper this week, who I’m sure won countless “dailies” for people. Fritos scoop this cat, and stash him on your bench if there is room. 

Brandon LaFell-4 Rec, 97 yards, 2 TDs -21.7 fantasy points

When Gronk is double and triple covered, Brady is continuously going to LaFell, and he’s shown he can separate from the defenders quite well. Brady clearly trusts him, so take a shot on him in deeper leagues given the right matchups.

 Wide Receiver Chumps:

Percy Harvin- 3 Rec, 0 yards; 3 Rush, -1 yards- NEGATIVE 0.1 fantasy points

What to do with Percy. What to do…

Kendall Wright 1 Rec, 6 yards- 0.6 fantasy points

So frustrating. Pick a side Kendall! Still a solid flex option in PPR leagues. Let’s chalk this up as the wrong day for Mr. Wright.

Wes Welker-  1 Rec, 8 yards-0.8 fantasy points

So many mouths to feed in Denver. This is going to happen from time to time. Oh, yeah, and he DOESN’T SCORE TOUCHDOWNS.

Tight End Champs:

Julius Thomas- 4 Rec, 51 yards, 2 TDs- 17.1 fantasy points

Nine touchdowns through five weeks. I’m no statistician, but that puts him on pace for a record-shattering 28-29 TDs. Rule of thumb: Tight End that plays hoops, put on roster (-Grantfucius).

Jordan Cameron- 3 Rec, 102 yards, TD- 16.2 fantasy points

J-Cam! Bill and I both predicted a big game, and what do ya know… Cameron, all of a sudden, has tremendous trade value.

Tight End Chumps:

Garrett Graham-ZERO Rec, ZERO yards- ZERO fantasy points

Ah, yes. Garrett is our #GooseoftheWeek.

Larry Donnell-  1 Rec, 6 yards- 0.6 points

Second consecutive week on the chumps list. Aren’t you glad you paid a bunch to acquire him? Don’t you wish you traded him?


Star Rookie Watch:


Kelvin Benjamin- 7 Rec, 49 yards, TD- 10.9 fantasy points

Cam continuously trusts this guy to make plays. VERY serviceable in PPR formats.

Sammy Watkins- 2 Rec, 27 yards- 2.7 fantasy points

UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN. No those aren’t the lyrics to “All I do is win,” but it’s Sammy Watkins stats week to week thus far.

Brandin Cooks- *BYE*

**Note: Fantasy points denote standard, non-PPR scoring.

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