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Friday, 10 October 2014

Why Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Must Stay Together in 2015

You've heard pundits across the nation report that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are not happy with each other; the relationship is on rocky ground. They surmise the end of an era, the fall of the mighty.

To hear Bill Belichick, you'd think that the face of the franchise just might be as expendable as any other player on the roster. And then again, Belichick made it very clear that there is no quarterback controversy in New England.

While it is true that even the great one knows that he has to earn his place on this team every week, it is just as true that it would take a colossal collapse such as has never been seen (at least since the days of Tony Eason and Steve Grogan) in Foxboro, MA to even begin to hint that Mr. Brady and Mr. Belichick can't work things out.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of money tied up in the QB position right now. Brady signed an extension last year that makes him the odds-on starter for the duration of that deal. That means that no one else will usurp his throne until 2017, or an unlikely trend in the wrong direction for the two-time MVP.

Given the fact that Brady has conceded that he would quit when he sucks, the ball is squarely in his court to make that call for himself. There is no outward indication that Belichick, or any other member of team management, has any intention to hasten that decision. Besides, finding the consumate heir to the master QB will not be a task to be taken lightly.

While it easy to be critical of Tom's performances early this season, and couple those with some sub-par numbers in 2013, and suddenly the man who led his beloved Patriots to three Super Bowl championships, and two more appearances, is getting too old and has lost his touch.

But let's keep all this in perspective; the team has been in turmoil for a number of reasons over the past two years. Both the offense and defense have been devastated by defection and decimated by damage, with very little competent compensation in the draft or free agency.

Who can blame Brady for some frustration and drop in performance? Well, it could be said that he took it unnecessarily hard and personally, but this is his team and he should take it personally. At one time, he had one of the best receiving duos in football at his disposal. He also has been the beneficiary of incredible protection in seasons past.

But, through thick and thin, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, and all that stuff... Belichick and Brady just go together in Foxboro. BB counts on the work ethic that defines Brady the man and QB; Brady is truly a product of the system that comes from the mind of the genius. It is a perfect marrriage!


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