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Sunday, 14 December 2014

New York Jets v Tennessee Titans: 5 Things To Know

The 2-11 New York Jets will travel to Tennessee to meet the 2-11 Titans.  Are you pumped?

Here are five things you need to know.

5. The Manziel Principle

Even if this game meant something in the playoff race, this week it still would mean nothing.  Why?  Call it the Johnny Manziel factor.  In case you haven't heard, Manziel will be making his first NFL start Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.  Don't blame me, blame Rich Eisen.  It's news?

4. The Race for MnM

The Jets and the Titans are still in the running for first round draft pick.  It's a prize that neither really wants but both need.  The Jets are playing like they really don't want this dubious honor.  The Titans on the other hand...

3. There is no place like home?

The Titans unceremoniously dismissed Chris Johnson.  After six years with the Titans, they let him go.  After amassing 7965 yards and 50 touchdowns for the Titans they quit paying the man.  Now he has a chance to let them see what they are missing.  Johnson has one 100-yard game this season.  Look for this to be his second 100-yard game of the season.

2. Geno Smith versus Jason McCourty

Smith is known for throwing the ball to the opponent.  McCourty is getting the reputation for a shut-down corner.  For the season McCourty has three interceptions, two forced fumbles and ten pass deflections.  There is no better quarterback to make your reputation if you are corner than Smith. 

Smith can still make it a batlle.  The question is will he?

1. Fantasy Football Implications

Let's face it.  This game is important for its fantasy football implications and those are few.  But if you are struggling at the running back position there is Johnson and Chris Ivory who should have a decent game. 

If you are struggling at the even weaker tight-end position, Titans Delanie Walker may be just what you need.

And of course there is always that race for MnM, Marcus Mariota baby! 

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