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Thursday, 11 December 2014

The St. Louis Rams Should Take A Chance On Robert Griffin III

The St. Louis Rams are close to contending for the playoffs next year. The Rams defense is solid. They are 14th in opposing passing yards per game and 10th in opposing rushing yards per game. The Rams are 6-7 on the season. They beat the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos this year who many think could be in the Super Bowl again in a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl. The Rams just posted back to back shutouts, beating the Oakland Raiders (52-0) and the Washington Redskins (24-0). The Rams lost to the Dallas Cowboys (34-31), lost to the Philadelphia Eagles (34-28) and lost to the San Diego Chargers (27-24). If the Rams would have won those three close games they would be (9-4), which would be the second best record in the NFC and right in the playoff hunt.

    The Rams have a solid defense that can win them games. The area that needs improvement is the offense, mainly the quarterback position. They like Tre Mason as their starting running back. They have plenty of talent at wide receiver; Brian Quick was there number one receiver before getting injured and missing the rest of the season. They also have two highly talented players in wide receiver Kenny Britt and tight end Jared Cook. Both were pegged to be talented players in the NFL but have yet to show that talent. Stedman Bailey has come on looking like a decent player replacing the injured Brian Quick. The last three weeks Bailey has 7 catches for 89 yards and a touchdown, 5 catches for 100 yards and last week he had 2 catches for 47 yards. Also don’t forget the Rams have Tavon Austin who was drafted 8th overall in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft out of West Virginia.

    The potential is there for the Rams to have a solid team. There only weakness on the field is the most important position, the quarterback. The Rams do have former number 1 overall pick quarterback Sam Bradford. Bradford has injured his ACL both of the last two years forcing him to miss all of the last two seasons. The Rams could look to try and move on from Bradford. They might want to move on from him by trying to release him to get some salary back to sign another quarterback. Looking at the quarterback free agent market next year there are not a lot to pick from. There are no big franchise quarterbacks. The few available quarterbacks available are; Mark Sanchez, Jake Locker and Brian Hoyer. The other available quarterbacks are all backups. That’s why I say the Rams should take a chance on getting Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Redskins are a mess, going back and forth with starting Griffin and then benching him, leaving some to think the Redskins will move on from him either by trading him or releasing him. The Rams traded their second overall pick in the 2012 draft to the Redskins for 4 draft picks (three first round picks and second round pick). The Redskins then picked Griffin 2nd overall.

    Everyone knows the potential Griffin has if he can stay healthy. Having former Heisman trophy winner Griffin on the team wouldn’t be any different for Rams coach Jeff Fisher. When Fisher coached the Tennessee Titans, his starting quarterback was Vince Young. Griffin and Young are very similar players. They both like to run with the ball and both are former Heisman trophy winners. The only thing that might help Griffin is that he might have a bigger arm the Young. Griffin threw over 3,000 yards his first two seasons in the NFL. While Young only threw for 2,199 yards and 2,546 yards in his first two seasons respectively.

    It’s unknown what the Redskins will do with Robert Griffin III this offseason but no matter what the Rams should trade or sign him if he becomes available. Having Griffin on the team could lead the Rams to a playoff, something the other free agent quarterbacks might not be able to do.


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