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Sunday, 21 December 2014

When Can We Expect Jim Harbaugh to Become Michigan's Next Coach?

For the past several weeks the speculation surrounding 49ers’ Coach Jim Harbaugh taking the Michigan job once the NFL regular season concludes has been picking up steam. I feel this is something that is very real and unlike most people, I believe Harbaugh will be the next head coach at Michigan.

I have felt this way for the past month and now that we are seeing smoke appear regarding this situation I feel this is not an if, but when case in terms of Harbaugh becoming the next head coach for the Wolverines.

The Michigan Wolverines have not won a national title since 1997, which dates back to the year before the BCS system was even implemented. Michigan came close in 2006, but saw their national title hopes end on November 18th against rival Ohio State in a classic 42-39 battle.

The Wolverines have not experienced nearly that same success since then and are now searching for a new head coach following the firing of Brady Hoke. Hoke led Michigan to a Sugar Bowl victory in 2011, but saw the program slowly regress since that huge victory against Virginia Tech.

The Wolverines have clearly set their sights towards hiring Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh would be a home run hire for Michigan on a number of different levels. Michigan and Harbaugh, I feel, both want this to happen and I feel it will sooner rather than later.

Harbaugh is a former quarterback for Michigan and has deep roots with the program that has been well documented. His passion for Michigan football would be a welcomed sight for everyone involved with the program.

Harbaugh made his mark in the college game by rebuilding the Stanford Cardinal. The Cardinal were one of the worst teams in all of FBS college football in the mid 2000’s. Harbaugh was able to bring in Andrew Luck and built Stanford into a power house in the game of college football, which is something that no one could ever say before his arrival.

Harbaugh left the Stanford program to lead the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL. He continued his success at the next level and has led the 49ers to the past three NFC Championship games, including a Super Bowl appearance in 2012.

Harbaugh, more than anything, has a reputation of building teams from nothing. He arrived at Stanford and the 49ers when both teams were a dumpster fire and built them both into championship quality teams. It is remarkable and I have called him one of the best five head coaches in football, whether that is in the college game or NFL.

So I feel Harbaugh will be Michigan’s next head coach, but question is when will it be official? I believe he will be fired from the 49ers on the yearly “Black Monday” in the NFL. “Black Monday” is of course the day after the final regular season game when NFL head coaches are historically fired at a higher rater than any other day on the calendar.

Harbaugh will be an official head coaching free agent and I believe Michigan then puts the full court press on for Harbaugh. The two sides will then meet for a couple days to discuss contract issues and their visions of the future for Michigan football.

The rumored offer that Michigan was going to offer Harbaugh was six years for eight million per year. I believe this is a realistic contract and will be around the final number we hear when Harbaugh becomes the Michigan head coach.

As I stated earlier, I believe this will somehow, someway happen. Michigan needs a big time hire to regain the trust of the fan base, boosters and alumni. It has been a rough past several years for Michigan football, but I promise you with Harbaugh, Michigan will be back competing for national titles within the next four years.

Harbaugh’s style of coaching with hardnosed defense and a grind it out offense like Stanford had is exactly what Michigan needs. The colder weather in Ann Arbor is the ideal place to transfer his style of coaching and the Wolverines would reap huge benefits from this match.

I believe Harbaugh will be the next head coach of Michigan and I say it happens about a week after the 2014 NFL regular season concludes. The Wolverines are waiting patiently for their guy, that guy being Harbaugh, and that’s why they haven’t hired anyone to this point.

Harbaugh to Michigan is real and that reality will become real within the next couple of weeks. Michigan football will be back and in a big time way. Harbaugh and Michigan is a match made in heaven and for Michigan it will be heaven on Earth in just a few weeks.


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