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Monday, 12 January 2015

FN's "MMH": Controversy & Injuries Reappear in Division Weekend

Football Nation proudly presents its 30th episode in season three of "Monday Morning Huddle" with host Dave Holcomb. Injuries and a penalty controversy dominated the Wild Card round of the playoffs a week ago and both resurfaced in the NFL's elite eight. Dallas was at the center of the controversy again, but this time, the Cowboys ended up on the losing end. The Packers victory, however, was only made possible by the heroics of Aaron Rodgers, who played through a strained calf. FN Contributor John Garces guest stars and has the full recap of the wild NFC Division matchup between the Cowboys and Packers.

Speaking of wild, the Patriots had to erase two different 14-point deficits to comeback and defeat the Ravens on Saturday. The show welcomes back guest Chad Johnson to discuss the Brady and Belichick brilliance, the Bengals offseason plan and the first coaching hire of 2015. Although it wasn't as big as the controversy in the Cowboys and Packers matchup, there was a bit of debate on whether a few formations were legal the Patriots ran on Saturday. Find out what Johnson and Holcomb thought.

To finish the show, Holcomb discusses Peyton Manning's playoff legacy, the chances any team can beat the Seattle Seahawks and the NFL rulebook in the 'Fourth and Long' segment. All that and more in this episode of Monday Morning Huddle.

Next Week's Games


Green Bay at Seattle, 3:00pm
Indianapolis at New England, 6:30pm


Divisional Weekend Results


New England 35, Baltimore 31
Seattle 31, Carolina 17


Green Bay 26, Dallas 21
Indianapolis 24, Denver 13

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- Peyton Manning: Still the Ultimate Paper Champion
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This Week's Music
Album: H2O
Artist: Hall & Oates
Songs: Maneater, One on One, Family Man

Theme Song: Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac

Dave Holcomb’s Contact Information
Twitter: @dmholcomb
Facebook: Dave's Football News


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