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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Top 5 Players Remaining Who Most Deserve A Super Bowl Victory


The Superbowl, the pinnacle of all American sports. The Superbowl is the reason everything is left on the field along with countless hours in the gym and watching tape. For some of the NFL’s all-time greats including Dan Marino, Tony Gonzalez and Champ Bailey the elusive quest for the championship and NFL immortality proved too much. Here are five of the most deserving players who despite their multitude of on the field accomplishments have never tasted the riches of the first Sunday in February. This article will argue that the following five players most deserve a Superbowl victory to cement their place in folk law among the greatest ever to play football on Sundays.


5 – Adrian Peterson  


Despite a torrid 2014 which resulted in Peterson being suspended due to charges of child abuse there is no doubting the mans on the field talents. Peterson may be the most explosive back in NFL history, capable of taking the ball to the house on any play. He is one of just seven men to rush for over 2000 yards in a season, coming up an agonising eight yards short of Eric Dickerson’s single season record. He came back from major knee surgery better than ever and for his professional talent alone deserves to bask in championship glory.  


4 – Tony Romo


The Cowboys all-time passing leader has a reputation of chocking when his team needs him the most, this was most visible in the2007 playoffs when he botched the snap of a potential game winning field goal against the Seahawks. Despite the reputation as a chocker Romo has been the architect of twenty four fourth quarter comebacks and nothing would silence the Romo haters more than Romo leading America’s team to the Promised Land. Aged 34 and with a surgically repaired back the 2014 NFL playoffs may be the best chance Romo and the Cowboys have.


3 – Andre Johnson


Johnson without a doubt in the best player in Texans franchise history, carving himself a Hall of Fame career in which he has caught over 1000 passes for 13597 yards. Looking back this is quite remarkable when you see who he has had throwing him the ball, David Carr, T. J Yates and Sage Rosenfels. Johnson has only made the playoffs twice, losing in the divisional round in both 2011 and 2012. With the Texans in full rebuilding mode, realistically the Texans are years from serious championship contention, as a result they should trade Johnson to a playoff regular allowing this sure to be Hall of Famer one shot at the big time.


2- Stephen Jackson


Jackson the NFL’s active leading rusher with 11388 yards has only experienced the playoffs once, this came during his rookie season where he backed up St Louis Rams legend and Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk. Since his lone playoff berth in 2004 Jackson has carved out a stellar career which included eight straight 1000 yard seasons. Inevitably Jackson’s workload has taken its toll and he clearly isn’t the player he once was, but, he is a prime example of someone who deserves a Superbowl ring on his credentials alone.


1 – Wes Welker


Unlike the others on the list Welker has come agonisingly close to winning the Superbowl. Three times he has reached the biggest game of them all only to find himself on the losing side, most notably in 2007 when the New England Patriots fell to the New York Giants within touching distance of perfection. Along with this quest for championship glory Welker has potentially affected his long term health with multiple concussions, including three in the last ten months. At 5ft 9 Welker doesn’t seem built for NFL success but has defied the odds on route to five 1000 yard seasons. He is arguable the greatest slot receiver of all time and Superbowl glory is the least he deserves. With the Broncos firmly in the playoff mix this may be his best and last shot.  






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