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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Mick's NFL Picks: Your Super Bowl XLIX Pick

Here it is, the day you've been waiting all year for, finally we have the two best teams in the NFL facing off for all the marbles. By now you have probably read every single piece of analysis, been beaten senseless by deflate-gate and had a good laugh along with Marshawn Lynch as he continues to defy the media and the league's unilateral policy on his media obligations. For the record, a simple solution to the NFL's ridiculous blanket policy for players to be available to the media is to have each team prepare a list of players who are willing (and able) to give the media what they want and the media can interview them all they like while leaving those who don't want to talk alone. I'm pretty sure there won't be a shortage of volunteers, but then that would make too much sense. 


Anyway, all that can be debated in the dark months ahead when there is no more football–today we are talking Super Bowl and more importantly, the pick of picks. And don't worry, I plan to keep it short and sweet.


Just for the record:


Regular Season Totals: 22-29 SU, 25-25-1 ATS


Post Season Totals: 8-2 SU, 7-3 ATS


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