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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Super Bowl 2015: Five Reasons To Root For The Seahawks

If you are a fan of the New England Patriots, the current “DeflateGate” situation from the AFC Championship game could not have come at a better time. Add to the fact that New England with their fearless leader, Bill Belichick, have become the Evil Empire of the NFL and things set up pretty nice for the boys in Seattle.

The Seahawks story is great for the NFL. The NFL’s western most team taking on team from the blue collar city of Boston with its rich sports culture and history. This is the kind of game media members and radio hosts dream of.

Just like last season, when the Seahawks beat Denver 43-8 (I am sure that still makes Peyton Manning cringe), the Super Bowl matchup represents the best two teams in the NFL with each team claiming the top seed in their conferences.

While there are plenty of fans who will get behind each team and jump from bandwagon to bandwagon, hoping to get an invite to a Super Bowl party, Seattle – in my opinion – is still the better team. Here are five reasons to root for the Seahawks to win the game.

Oh, and if you were wondering … SEAHAWKS 27 PATRIOTS 24


All too often, the word “dynasty” used loosely in sports. This time, it may not be unwarranted. When New England began winning Super Bowls in 2001, there have been 14 straight seasons of winning. Seattle is the same thing – especially with a quarterback who came out of college with little fanfare. Seattle, instead of lighting it up on the scoreboard, is going back to the idea that defense wins titles.

New England may look more impressive with their history, but winning back to back Super Bowls now is even more impressive in this age of parity.


Yes, the third round draft pick who 31 other teams passed on is the “man” in the NFL everyone is rooting for. Yes, there are detractors because he does not light a scoreboard up with huge numbers, but at 5’11” and quick feet, Wilson bets you with his moxie, his poise, his arm and his speed. It is harder to game plan for him than Tom Brady – who just steps into the pocket and flings the ball all over the field.


For so long, the NFL has heard about the success of the Patriots, the coaching of Belichick and how Tom Brady does more with less every season. Last time I checked, the Patriots have not won a Super Bowl since 2004, and in that time, they have lost twice to the New York Giants.

Seattle has been in the Super Bowl three times in the last nine years, losing their first in 2005 and winning last season. There is something that screams this team could very well be the new Patriot-like team.

The NFL has been looking for teams to step out and become the chic pick to support. The Seahawks have become that team. The Legion of Boom, Beast Mode and Pete Carroll’s swagger. Seattle is the new America’s Team.


There are topics that will talked about until the kickoff and well into the game. Pete Carroll could not get it done in New England where he was head coach before moving on to the college game. In comes Bill Belichick, a member of Bill Parcells’ coaching tree and “Bam!”

This is probably not as big a deal as it is being made out to be, but the media needs something to hold onto in the time leading up to the game. The story of the man who failed and the man who replaces him always gets a pretty good yarn.


This is one of those cheap shots I take when I really do not like a football team – which is odd since I used to have a Steve Grogan jersey I wore as a child. And if you think Seattle fans and media won’t jump all over this, I have some land in the San Francisco Bay to sell you.

The issues and controversy with the Patriots, especially over the last decade have been chronicled over and over again. It almost seems like this team is bulletproof.

Seattle just goes about its business. Yes, Richard Sherman may talk too much. Yes, Marshawn Lynch may talk too little and even get fined for making gestures to the masses. But when was the last time you herd Seattle allegedly cheated at anything to win a football game?

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the 12th Man is very real.



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