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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Super Bowl 2015: Five Reasons To Root Against The Patriots

The New England Patriots are back in the Super Bowl.  It will be the reigning champions, Seattle Seahawks against the Patriots.  It will be the bad boys of the NFL against Kraft's Angels. 

So let's dispense with the over-tread storyline of deflategate.  Its done.  And I refuse to use it as a reason to root against the team.  Wait...maybe not.

If you are waffling on your allegiance in this game, here are five reasons to root against the Patriots:

5. Finaglers

Cheating is a harsh word.  But when you are saddled with the very long shadow of spygate, all suspicions are on! Right?  So the Patriots use all avenues to get an advantage over their opponents.  It's really only finagling if you get caught.  Opps that did happen.  So don't root against them for finagling, root against because they were sloppy enough to get caught.

4. Friends

What is the old adage?  You can tell a person by the friends that they keep.  And well having current Commisioner Roger Goodell as your friend, isn't all that great.   So in a sense when you root against the Patriots you are then rooting against Goodell.  And that isn't all bad, is it?

3. Post-Game Conferences

The post-game conference if the Patriots win will not be entertaining.  We will hear the same old standard line from at least 29 different players.  I am of course excepting both Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski.  Nevertheless, we want more from a post-game conference, and we ain't going to get it here.  Root against them because Tom Brady at DisneylWorld would be so blah!

2. Josh McDaniels

Denver Bronco nation feels me. Jay Culter feels me.  And if you have a chance to be anyone other than a staunch Patriot fan, you too will feel it.  Just go back and listen to a few of the press conferences he gave as head coach of the Broncos.  It isnt pretty.  He wasn't good.  And rooting against the Patriots would assure that McDaniels would stay put and not harm another franchise as head coach. 

1. Bill Belichick

Is he smug?  Or just annoying?  Is he the leader of a team that consistently finagles?  Or a shrewd man who is constantly foiled by those lesser than he?  He says his favorite movie is the Home Alone franchise.   Yet he roves the sidelines in his hoodie like Darth Vadar.  Is it a ruse?  Who is this man?  Rooting againt the Patriots would insure that we may never find out.  And that can only be good. 


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