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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Is Tom Brady Really the Greatest Of All Time?

Articles already abound regarding Tom Brady's status on the All-time greatest list of NFL quarterbacks. Up until the conclusion of Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale Arizona the point was far from settled. Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw certainly had something to say about the matter.

While Brady had won three rings in four years at the beginning of his career, that fourth title seemed elusive despite two more trips to the big game and a nearly endless string of division titles (12 out of 14).

But Montana and Bradshaw each earned four Super Bowl titles, while Montana edged him with a third MVP honor. Now, Brady joins these two greats with a fourth title and also his third MVP.

One factor to consider in this discussion is the accusation aimed at Brady that he had gone a decade without that all-important championship. It has been the trump-card to deny Brady the acclaim due his brilliance over 15 years of hucking the rock. At the age of 37, he puts the detractions to rest, and plans to keep going.

Is there anything that can keep him from the top spot?

In this his coups de gras, Tom "Terrific" Brady threw at a clip of over 74% and capped four drives with TD passes. He utilized the short passing game with precision and effectiveness, and engineered two fourth quarter scoring drives to complete the largest, second-half comeback in Super Bowl history.

Along his Super Bowl journey, Brady broke records for most completions in a game (37), most completions in a half (20), most starts (6) and career touchdown passes (13). He also extended his own records for most career passes (247), most career completions (164), and most career passing yards (1605). Tom even had the longest streak without an INT with 48.

His dominance knows no bounds. While Peyton Manning has been nearly masterful in the regular season, his post-season failure is tell-tale. Brother Eli also seems to have hit the proverbial wall in his career, with only two Super Bowl wins. The Mannings combined don't equal a Brady.

Even in the regular season, Brady is a master. His records are well-known, but his ability to raise the play of every other player is astounding. He nearly took a rag-tag bunch to the Super Bowl following the 2006 season, when his receiving corps was led by Reche Caldwell.

In a day when parity is as close to a reality in the NFL as possible, the Dynasty that is the New England Patriots has asserted itself beyond any shadow of doubt.

The only question left to answer:

How many more can Brady add to his legacy?

Maybe we should just write him into the Hall right now.


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