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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The 2015 NFL Draft's Five Biggest Boom-Or-Bust Prospects

5.) Cedric Ogbuehi

Cedric Ogbuehi is an extremely gifted athlete, as he moves very well for someone who is 6'5" and 300 pounds. He is very smooth and has more than enough athleticism to play at the next level. The concern with Ogbuehi though, is his lack of strength and overall technique. It is not uncommon that an athletic player relies on their speed and quickness in college, but those often have trouble in the NFL unless they work on their intangibles. Ogbuehi might have the most potential of any offensive linemen in this draft, but if he does not learn to play stronger or smarter, then he will not pan out.


4.) Randy Gregory

Randy Gregory is very long at 6'6" and is very explosive and fast, but he is a bit thin, at just 240 pounds, and lacks the instincts of a true edge rusher. He projects to go within the top ten, but his lack of technique may scare some teams away. However, his physical traits make it difficult for some teams to pass up on him. Gregory is a very typical boom-or-bust prospect.


3.) Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston looks to be the most pro-ready quarterback in the draft, having shown pro attributes on the field, but his off-the-field antics often overshadow what he does in the games. From shoving referees to getting sued, Winston's name has been everywhere a team does not want it to be. It is though, hard to ignore how well he plays the game, and with no other pro-ready quarterback, a team with a need under center may be forced to roll the dice on Winston.


2.) Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota was undoubtably one of the most exciting players to watch in college. How his play will translate to pro systems though, is questionable. Mariota is coming in at a time where running quarterbacks have regressed, but this is a weak quarterback class. He has the physical tools most teams like, but there is so much about reading coverages and staying in the pocket that they will have to teach him. It is doable, but it will certainly be difficult for a player so well-known for his playmaking ability outside of the pocket.


1.) Dorial Green-Beckham

Perhaps the biggest boom-or-bust prospect in recent years, Dorial Green-Beckham is so loaded with talent but just as loaded with character issues. Coming out of high school, Green-Beckham was praised for his rare combination of size and speed, but he has run into multiple issues since. However, he does have flaws on the field too. With his physical tools he often got sloppy with his routes and too often relied on those physical tools. If a team can discipline him, both on and off the field, he can work out, but he is too much of a problem for many teams.


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