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Monday, 2 February 2015

Why We Knew The Super Bowl Halftime Show Would Suck!

We knew before hand that there was no way Katy Perry could live up to the hype of a Super Bowl Halftime Show.  We've seen Prince, Michael Jackson, The Who, The Rolling Stones, U2, Paul McCartney, Madonna (bad) and the like in years past.  This pop star can't live up to it can she?

I had no plans of even watching the halftime show except that I'd taken the assignement to wrtie about it and kinda hoped for a wardrobe malfunction or something.  I sat watching the game with friends and talked about how we would pick apart the halftime show for this article.  We are already pretty grumpy about how sad the Super Bowl commercials have been thus far.  (a dead kid, a legless kid, a legless girl,  a lonely guy not watching the Super Bowl and domestic violence so far) I do have a heart but Super Bowl is supposed to be an escape for most of us.  The commercials have been downers so far.

As halftime started we see the teenie bobber pop tart come riding out on what looked like the MGM Grand lion from Vegas. I'll admit I'm sorta hoping for a lion malfuntion at this point.  I'm wanting to hate this show. However, it did appear that she was singing somewhat live at this point although she'd admitted earlier in the week much of it would be synced.  I'm not sure what the rolling balls represent on either side at first but then realize they sort of look like the Pepsi symbol who is the sponsor.

I'm thinking back to the train wreck of a halftime show a few years ago with Madonna, LMFAO and all the humping characters on stage.  I'm expecting Perry to try something shocking during the show for people to talk about the next day at the water cooler.

Transition from lion to field.  Holy smoke!  The field has transformed into an LED surface and looks pretty damn cool.  The field is taking on 3D type shapes and images and turning into a chessboard.  Our cynical group is a little impressed with it I'll admit.  It looks cool on the TV and I'm sure was pretty amazing to see it in person.  

Again, I'm really wanting to not like this show but I can't take my eyes off it now.  Here comes Lenny Kravitz for his cameo and some dancing sharks and plam trees which makes the girls at our little Super Bowl party excited. Our group is starting to like the show and suddenly I realize they've got something right.  This pop production with  Vegas Show level theatrics is taking us away from reality for a bit.  I'm not thinking about my bills, deflated footballs or commercials about dead children, domestic violence, or people with missing limbs.  I'm simply entertained.

The grand finale sees her flying around the stadium on a rocket ship like prop while fireworks bring the show to its climax.  Wow, that was pretty entertaining!

There were no controversies or worries with this show.  Parents didn't have to worry about kids seeing a nipple or people grinding on each other.  It was fun.  I'll admit it.  Way to go NFL, you finally got one thing right this year.  


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