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Monday, 23 March 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Chip Kelly Trades VP for Andy Reid; Swaps Stadiums

Chip Kelly knows the right direction for this team

Chip Kelly knows the right direction for his team

Another day, another set of moves.  Big Balls Chip has done it again.

Less than a week removed from his magnificent trade of Nicholas Foles and a second-round pick for Samuel Bradford, he has done it again.

Kelly has traded Eagles Executive Vice President of Football Operations Howie Roseman for...

Andy Reid.

The move is innovative and full of mystique - but the motive is pretty obvious:  Kelly wants to send a clear message to fans and players alike.

When asked about the trade the third-year head coach replied:

"Look, we're here to f***ing score points, what's your plan?  Two head coaches on one team?  That's a two headed monster NO ONE has ever had to face before.  He will call the first half of the play call, then I will call the second half.  It's gonna be cake.  Teams aren't going to know what them."

The trade comes as a surprise after both coaches have had success with their new teams.  However, with Kelly anything is possible.  

"Roseman was a cool guy and all, but c'mon this is Philly," Kelly stated.  "I run this team and I wasn't going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe trick," he paused, then added, "but if he wanted to come back, I would probably trade something for him."

When asked about the Chiefs search for a new head coach Kelly said, "I don't know, Greg Schiano looked good in red.  Maybe they can hire him."

The coaches are expected to combine Reid's West Coast system with Kelly's See Coast system to form a dominant, one-of-a-kind "WeSee Coast" system.

"The point is to be able to see everything, all the time.  And we do it together - "WeSee" - get it?" Reid said in a recent interview.

But the most incredible of all his moves has to be the fact that right after trading for Reid - Kelly swapped stadiums with the Philadelphia Flyers.

"When teams come to the Wells Fargo Center, they are going to be in a completely different stratosphere," says Kelly.  

"If people thought we were fast before, just wait til they see us on ice."  he said.  

"It's all about getting out there and getting the job done- no matter what the situation is," said new quarterback Samuel Bradford, "one couldn't feel safer after coming off two torn ACLs playing on ice."

Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie couldn't be happier.

"I mean c'mon, Chip is here to change the culture, to shake things up in Philly," he said, "We haven't won a Super Bowl on grass, so why not level the playing field?"

Many feel that it's a move to also embrace the cold, hard nature of the fanbase. It's a move that makes Philly the city it truly is - a city of one, of Brotherly Love.

These moves have put the rest of the NFL on high alert, as well as making some coaches feel very dumb for not thinking of this first.

"It makes me feel like 2nd and goal all over again, except this time I decided to punt," Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said.  

Specifics on the stadium swap are unavailable as well but rumors have it as the Eagles gave up the right to win a Super Bowl for another 50 years.


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